VIDEO: Pelosi Called Dumb as a Rock on Live TV!…Truth Hurts Especially Liberals!

VIDEO: Pelosi Called Dumb as a Rock on Live TV!

All You have to Do is Listen with an Open Mind to Learn that which Many Liberals are Metaphorically Blind and Deaf to and Will Follow Such Politicians Believing in Them to Get All Believers to the Land of Utopia!!!
Keep Siding with Obama and Company and have You Country Filled to the Brim with All Who Will Eventually Exterminate You or Convert You So that You Can Keep Your Life!

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Jesse Jackson Cornered by Angry Ferguson Protesters: ‘When You Going to Stop Selling Us Out?’… Finally the People Speak the Truth!

Jesse Jackson Cornered by Angry Ferguson Protesters: ‘When You Going to Stop Selling Us Out?’

We Need More Minorities Speaking Out and Letting the Country Know What Their Exact Sentiment is Without Fear of Reprisal from their Own People Who Even Knowing What the Truth is Will Not Speak Their True Feelings as They Fear Being Disowned by Their Own Who Know What is Right and Wrong but Choose Wrong Because They Can Get Away with it in Today’s Society!

Minorities Telling People Like Jackson and Sharpton Like it is, are Those Who Desire Peace and Equality, Not Constant Turmoil Created by Men Who Lived in the Days of Segregation and Still Claiming They are Being Oppressed by the White Man!…
Just s the People Accuse, These Men are Making an Enormous Living by Stoking the Racial Fires and Actually Do Not have Their Own at Heart in Finding Avenues to Create Peace Amongst All Races…

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FERGUSON AND THE REAL RACE WAR!… What Happens to Society When Issues Get taken Out of Context!


The Truth Be Told and as ALWAYS… the Truth is Rejected by Those Who Are the Subject of the Conversation!

As I Stated Time and Time Again, Today’s Morality, Integrity, and Good Character have a Totally Different Meaning to Certain Groups Such as, the Political Left and the Minorities…

You Cannot Convince Those Who Can’t Read in Oder to Learn Right from Wrong as that it is a natural Instinct, but When it Comes to Learning Decency and Integrity, that has to be Taught from an Early Age as to Grow Up with it and Live it, True You Can Choose to be Educated but without having Guidance from One’s Parents, the True Meaning is Not Spiritually Known without having lived it… In Everyone’s Heart You Cannot Relate to People Who Refuse to Accept the Gospel Truth as They Are Going to Do as They have Been for Ages, Live According to How They were Raised, Some Change, Far too Many Do Not.

Morality is What Keeps People Civilized and Enabling Them to Live with One and Another, No Matter a Person’s Race, Religion, or Land of Birth.
People Who Want to Live in Peace and Prosperity, Adapt to Sharing the Land Together, Not Making War on One and Another Because of Their Differences, and Not Wanting to Dominate Man, or Oppress Man.

Only the Weak Succumb to Living a False Life by Following Anyone Whose Desire is to Destroy All Others have Created. It Takes Strong Will Power to Do Right and Easy to Do Wrong which Serves No Purpose but to Breed Ill Will and Constant Turmoil… No One Knows This Better Than Two Well Known Men of the Cloth, or Supposedly are to be, as Instead of Preaching Brotherly Love, They Preach to Hate All Other Than Their Own Race… Those Two are None Other Than, Sharpton and Jackson.
The are Time Good Can Come from Bad and for Some They have Seen Through These Two Who Preach Hatred and Declare that White Men are Their Enemy as They Hate the Black Man which the Educated and Honest Know that to Not be the Facts What So Ever.
Man Can and Does Learn from Their Mistakes and This Nation has Progressed Centuries in a Matter of Half a Century, Sorry it Could Not have Taken Less Time but, Man as We All Know, is Unpredictable whether Good or Bad…

People Use Their Popularity and Charisma to Manipulate Others into Doing Wrong in Order to Prosper Off Those Who are Willing to Do What it Takes to be Prosperous Through Hard Honest Work, While the Manipulator Controls Their Deceived Followers to Do Wrong for Them While Believing They Will Prosper Also…

This Country Can Continue to be the Land the Majority of the World Wishes it Could Emulate, Short of All the Present Day Crime Committed by Those Who are Not Willing to Live in Peace and be Productive Citizens…
Freedom is Precious but Cannot be Celebrated or Cherished if People Continue Attempting to Destroy that which Makes Freedom Possible.

Pick a Nation, Any Nation and Then Compare Their Form of Gov’t and it’s Laws, the Way the People are Treated by Their Gov’t and Whether or Not the People have the Right to have a Say in to How Their Nation is Ran and What Kind of Future is in Store for Them, as Such, What Opportunities Do Thy have to Succeed in What Their Dreams are and Live a Life that Equals Their Hard Honest Work…
There is No Other Nation that the People Rule Their Gov’t and have the Freedoms We Possess, but that is All too Quickly Coming to an End if the People Continue to Want it All Destroyed, Which is Nothing bit Pure Insanity to Want Men to Control Their Lives by a Few Who Live Greater Lives Off Others Hard Work and Dreams…

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The Obama Administration’s Attempt to Balkanize Hawaii!… Obama’s Non-Stop Corruption of Violating the US Constitution!

The Obama Administration’s Attempt to Balkanize Hawaii!

(A Segment of this Article)
In its latest attempt to violate the limits of its constitutional authority, the Obama Administration has issued an Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPR) —new regulations that will determine whether the Department of the Interior will “reestablish” a “government-to-government relationship between the United States and the Native Hawaiian community.”[1] The ANPR would require the Administration to recognize so-called Native Hawaiians as an Indian tribe entitled to separate and independent sovereignty. Such a move would implicitly authorize government-sanctioned discriminatory conduct against any residents of Hawaii who do not meet the explicit ancestry and blood-quantum requirements that one must meet to be considered a “Native.”
(end Article)

I Recon We Will have to Wait and See if Congress Will Respond to This Attempt by Obama and Company to Undermine the US Constitution!

So Far, Congress has Allowed Him to Do as He Pleases No Matter the Issue of What is Legal or Not and what is in Violation of the US Constitution!

We All Should Be the Wiser After All These Decades of Witnessing the Minorities Commit All Sorts of Criminal Acts that They Claim are Simply Their Right to Demonstrate Against Racial Injustice!
In the Aftermath They too Know, Our Gov’t Will Kiss Their Backsides and Rebuild All They Destroy to Calm Their Feathers and Justify the Tax Dollars Spent as a Means of an Apology for the Bad Way All Other Races Treat Them.

Now Taking This Action by the Minorities to the Patriot American’s Benefit, They Need to Do Whatever it Take to Get Results from Our Gov’t in Stopping the Corruption in Our Gov’t and Start Charging and Prosecuting All Guilty of Felonies. Once Congress Starts to Tighten the Screws on Those Who are Guilty They Will Squeal Like Pigs in Offering Up the Bigger Fish in Hopes of Getting Leniency for Their Actions!

Everyone Knows the Infamous Saying, “When in Rome Do as the Romans”

The Liberals Have a Stronghold on the Nation by having the American People Being Brow Beaten into Remorse and Therefore Complying with the Demands of the Entire Black Minority Community as a Result of the Actions Taken by Our Ancestors Against Their Black Ancestors and Blacks in General, therefore the American People have Been Kissing Butt since Long After Any Proper Repentance and Retribution!

Patriots Declare the Injustice the Gov’t has Bestowed Upon Our Ancestors by Destroying All They Sacrificed, for Over 238 Years as an Independent Nation, Not to Mention, 169 Years Prior During the Making of Our Great Nation.

Threaten to Burn Down the Nation as the Others have Actually Done, and if that Doesn’t Work Then Follow Through in Replicating the Exact Actions of the Minorities, for if it is Good Enough for the Gov’t to Recognize Their Method of Demanding Justice, Then the American Patriots Can Do Likewise!

This Business of Waiting Around Till the Nation is Nearly Destroyed is Pure Insanity!
The American Patriots Need to Non-Stop Protest in Force in Every City and Town Across the Nation Demanding Justice!

Adding in the Border Situation, Where the Gates of Hell have Been Opened by Our Tyrannical President, the American People Need to Build a Human Barrier the Entire length of the Border and Block the Infiltration by Whatever Means Available and in the Situation Where There’s Air Traffic Bringing in the Illegal Aliens Compliments of Obama, whatever it Takes to Stop the Invasion that Our Corrupt and Treasonous President has Started!

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BREAKING: Kurds Send All-Female Soldiers to Fight ISIS… The Reason Why is Awesome!

BREAKING: Kurds Send All-Female Soldiers to Fight ISIS… The Reason Why is Awesome!

AWESOME!?… REALLY!?… Maybe For Some!?… Not to Me!

I Understand the Concept of Psychological Warfare but to a Man Like Myself Who Still Believes Women are to be Revered, Cherished and Treated with Respect which excludes Their having to Do the Strenuous Work a Man Normally Performs, Whose Body was Created to Work and Fend for Their Families.
The Outlook I Possess Does Not Insinuate Women Cannot Do the Work of a Man, but that Women are Visibly Not Built to Do that Which a Man Does, Just as a Man Isn’t Built like a Woman to Conceive Children and have the Same Compassion, Patience, and Tolerance in Raising Children…
Simply Put… If Not for the Gentleness and for the Most Part, Compassion that Women Possess, it’s What Motivates Man to Work Hard in Fending for Their Women and Children.
No Matter How it is Stated, There are Going to be Those Who Will Argue that Women Can Do Anything a Man Can Do, Which is Basically True, but as far as Percentages Go, a Very Few are Capable as They Were Not Created to Do The Same Things. God has a Reason as to Why He Created and Matched Up Primates in Various Manners…

If Women Were Intended to Be Equal to the Abilities of a Man and Vice Versa, God Would have Created Both Sexes to be Hermaphrodites to Equally Share in All Responsibilities…

I Love the Ladies and it Really Hurts Me to See Women Do Physical Labor and have Rough Chapped Hands, Cuts, Bruises, Dirt Under Their Nails, and having the Posture of a Man as Well as Walking Like a Man, it was the Way I was Raised.
In My Opinion if a Man Lets His Lady Bust Her Butt While He Sits on His… He Needs to be Taken Out Back and have His “A’ Kicked!

It’s a Woman’s Choice and I Firmly Believe They Should have Every Right as Any Other, as That is What This Nation is Built Upon, Equality, but for Me, it Hurts to See Women in Military Where Their AOs Place Them in Danger… Women in Combat, Their Choice, but to My Misgivings for Their Safety!
I Know They Can Run and Shoot as Well as Any Man, but that is No Reason in My Opinion to Be Involved in Combat!
It Pains Me to Here of Any Woman Being Wounded, Maimed and Being Killed, Especially in Combat Action!

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James Foley Executioner said Identified as British Rapper!

James Foley Executioner said Identified as British Rapper!

What Makes People Behave in Such a Manner!?
How Can People Hate Others So Much Even Though They have Never Met, They Simply Go by Beliefs and Ideals and Any Who are Different, Be Damned!

What Kind of god Teaches Death and Destruction All the While Claiming to Be A Peaceful god!?
What’s Worse is that We have People in Our Country Who Defends This Kind of Horrific Religion…

It Reminds Me of the Funeral for Brown… a Common Criminal and Yet the Nation’s Media and the Minority were Declaring His Celebration of Life as if He was Some Great Hero! Life is Precious, Yes, but People Today have an Extremely Twisted Since of Honor and Integrity… They Give it All a Totally Different Definition, but that is the Way of the Liberal… If They Can’t have it Their Way… They Make a Different Set of Rules and Ideals to Get What They Want and Call it RIGHT!?

Today You do Not Know Who is Your Friend or Enemy, the Country as Well as the World has Gone, “Everyone For Their Selves”!
What Patriots Wonder, Not Fear Mind You, Simply Wonder, Just How Many American Patriots are Willing to Stand Against Major State of the Art Firepower and Would be Certain Death For the Majority of Defenders of Our US Constitutional Republic!

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What Happened to Real Vermonters!?

One Complaint… a Damned Ridiculous One at That and the Owner Caves!?
A Totally Ignorant Reason for Demanding the Removal of a Sign, this Lady, a Muslim, and Muslims Don’t Eat Pork… OK!? What the Hell!!!

What Happens When a Person Complains About the Name of the Restaurant… Actually Just the Word, “Restaurant”
They Feel it a Danger to the Family Core as it Entices People to Eat Out and Not at Home with the Entire Family!!!!!!

Americans Had Best Start Waking Up to the Danger of Our Freedom Being Snatched Out from Us by Everyone’s Quirks!

It’s So Damned Ridiculous to See What Has Become of Our Great Nation, It’s Actually a Disgrace!

It is Time to Turn Her Around and Get Her back on Track or It’s All Over for Lady Freedom!

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