Even Liberals Turning Against Immigration!… ILLEGAL Immigration that is!!!

Even Liberals Turning Against Immigration!

Some have the Sense to Know No Matter Who is in Charge, When it Comes to Taking Away Everything We have Worked So Hard for All Our Lives, it Doesn’t Matter Which Sid of the Isle the People are on, They are Not Going to Take hav9ng Their Lives Dictated to and have Their Lives Totally Destroyed by a Handful Of Lunatic Gov’t Officials!

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America’s Domestic Enemy-In-Chief, Lights The Fuse!… Will the True American People Respond!?

America’s Domestic Enemy-In-Chief,
Lights The Fuse!

What’s it Going to be People!?
Is Americans Going to Demand Our Congress to Get Their Act Together and Put a Halt to All the Corruption within Our Gov’t Starting with Our So Called Tyrannical President Before He Orders Martial Law Once the American People Say Enough is Enough!?

What Happens in the Near Future Depends Upon the American People as We Elect the Gov’t, We Pay the Officials Salaries, and at This Point in Time the People have an Obligation to Either Save Our Way of Life Given Us by Out Founding Fathers and Our Ancestors Who Fought to Make Our Nation Possible, or the People Can Allow Our Futures to be Stolen by Those Who are Everything but What This Nation is All About and are Out to Destroy it!

All that’s Happening has Been in the Process for a Long Time and the Obama Administration Seems to be the One that Wants to Claim Victory Overthrowing Our US Constitutional Republic.
A Totally Treasonous Violation of the US Constitution with No Opposition from Our US Congress is Very Alarming!!!

Will the American People Loyal to the US Constitution and It’s Republic Allow Our Nation to Fall to Traitors ad Tyrants!?
Only Fools Would Deprive Their Selves of Their Freedom and Pay People to Take Everything Away from Them!!!

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Hundreds of Thousands of Guns Go Missing!… 200K Plus… Par For the Course Considering the Tens of Millions of Tax Dollars Lost During Operation Iraqi Freedom!!!

Hundreds of Thousands of Guns Go Missing!… 200K Plus!!!

So What’s the Big Deal!
During “Operation Iraqi Freedom” Millions Upon Millions of Our Tax Dollars Were Sent to Iraq Intended to be Used for Construction and Humanitarian Aid, but Such Monies Disappeared into the Pockets of the Iraqi Elite and Civilian Contractors!!!
Our Gov’t No More Gives a Damn and for that Matter to put it Bluntly, Most Likely it was Intentional as Part of the Gov’ts Normal Corrupt Politics!!!

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Sheila Jackson Lee: Obama must grant amnesty because GOP is opposed to it!… Generally Known, Minorities Want the Most They Can Get, and They Got a Real Hum Dinner Edumacated Representative Here! … You Know This Sista has Never Studied for a BAR Exam, but Maybe She Passed, a CORNER BAR!

Sheila Jackson Lee: Obama Must Grant Amnesty Because GOP is Opposed to it!

She isn’t Alone in Her “Special” League, There are Several Minority Reps Who have Nearly the Same Intellectual Capabilities!
If We Conservatives Were to Be Gamblers and Allow the Lame Liberal Left to Totally Run This Nation on Their Own… They Would Be Desolate, Starving, and the Nation Lying in Ruin, in Less Than a Decade!
All You have to Do, is Look to Detroit for Your Answers!!!!!

But… We have Better Sense Than to Trust “Dreamers of Utopia” to Conduct Such a Complicated Task, as We are Responsible for the Lessor Mentality in Making Sure They Don’t Do Their Selves Harm!

It’s Clear a Fact, as Public Schools are Breeding Grounds for Socialism and Indoctrination… All You have to Do is Reflect Upon the Obama Administration’s Catastrophic SNAFU as to Where it has Come from, to the Present Collapse of the Nation’s Economy and Industrialization, it has All Gone to Hell on a Japanese Bullet Train Headed for China!

Obama has in a Sense Been a God Send for This Nation as Now the American People Know Just How Fast the Nation Can Collapse Under the Wrong Gov’t and The People, Less They Remain Totally Ignorant, Now Know to No Longer Sleep While Their Gov’t is making Corrupt Decisions and Turning Them into LAW!!!
The American People has Allowed the Gov’t to Bleed the Wealth Out of Our Nation as People are Taking Their Wealth and Leaving the USA, Just as the Gov’t has Bled Our Industries Nearly Dry to Where They Nearly Went Bankrupt, So They Did the One Smart Thing to Survive, They Too Pulled Up Stakes and Left the Country!!!

No Organized Criminal Unions to Run Our Corporations Instead of Those Who Own Them, and No Corrupt Gov’t Taxing and Regulating Them into Poverty!!!!!!

The More You Demand of Our Gov’t to “Do Something About Everything”, the More It Will Oblige the Dumb “A” People Till the People have Demanded the Gov’t to Enslave Them and It Will Happily Do So!
Actually it has Been Diligently Working at it for Quite Some Time Now, Approximately the Duration of the People’s having an Attitude to Increasing Become Less Educated and Less Enthusiastic About Working at an Honest Career and Focusing on Being a Burden to Society which Seems to Now Be Socially Acceptable… Especially Among Flaming Lame Liberals and Like-minded Slackers, Dead Beats, and Drug Abusers!!!

Common Criminal Careers Seem to Be Today’s Preferential Trade and Surprisingly Not Just Among the Uneducated, but Also Included is Our Esteemed Gov’t Officials on Both Sides of the Isle!

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Armed BLM ‘Gestapo’ Threatening Rural Citizens!… Time Running Short on Pending Revolution Against Our Tyrannical Gov’t!

Armed BLM ‘Gestapo’ Threatening Rural Citizens!


We Here in the East and South West have Been Watching and Mildly Protesting the Corrupt Actions by Our Fed Gov’t Whereas The North West have Been Fighting the Corrupt Gov’t for Decades, Right Down to Armed Stand Offs with Gov’t Agencies!!!

Our Gov’t has Been Bustin Ass in Trying to Force People to Sell their Ranches or Force Them Off Claiming the Endangered Spices Act to Confiscate Private Lands but the Ranchers and Local Law Behind Them have Not Stopped Fighting Our Corrupt Gov’t… Several Federal Court Cases Weighed in on Several Cases in Favor of the Ranchers.

You Listen to the Interviews and Video Footages to Learn Just How Dangerous Our Gov’t has Become in Attacking Law Abiding Citizens and Intimidating Them at Every Turn for Decades!!!

My Only Question is… How Much Longer will it Take before the American People have Had Enough of Our Gov’t Violating Our US Constitutional Rights and Through Gradualism They have Been Socializing Our Fed and State Laws and Eventually They’re Going to Dissolve Our US Constitution and Our Free Country Will Become History and Progressive/ Socialism Will Prevail…. IF We Do NOTHING Our Way Of Life Will Be Forgotten and Erased Just as Our History has Been Slowly Erased and Never to Be Recovered for Future Generations Who Just Might Wonder What Kind of Life We Once had Before the People Got Too Trusting and Too Lame to Stay in Top of Our Gov’t and Keep it in Line!!!

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HUGE Protest Against Illegal Immigration in Massachusetts!… VIDEOS!… Miracles Do Happen!!!

HUGE Protest Against Illegal Immigration in Massachusetts!… VIDEOS!

It’s a Miracle!!!… Americans, Real Americans, Living in a Huge Liberal State!!!
Maybe There Actually is Still Hope for Our US Constitutional Republic from Collapsing!!!

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Cruz, Sessions Sound Alarm on Obama’s Plan to Expand Amnesty Program!… I Could Have Sworn We Had at Least Three Brave Men/Women Out of All the Whusses, Who Dare Stand Against the Tyrannical Obama and Company!?

Cruz, Sessions Sound Alarm on Obama’s Plan to Expand Amnesty Program!

It’s Great that We have a Few Good men and Women who are Brave Enough and Committed Enough to Speak Out Loud as to have the Whole World Hear Them Denounce Obama as Not Being Fit to Run the Office of the US and Challenge Obama in All His Corrupt Actions He Takes and Makes!!!
Too Bad the Rest of the Conservatives and the Moderate to Conservative Democrats Don’t Find the Courage to Rise Up and Denounce His Actions and Demand Justice!!!

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