From the Waco Herald Tribune, November 18, 2010

These are excellent ideas and I’m sure folks can come up with a ton more stipulations to curb the pork spending on the local level by free loaders!!!

Contributed by: Dan Sorkin

Put me in charge …

Put me in charge of food stamps. I’d get rid of Lone Star cards; no cash for Ding Dongs or Ho Ho’s, just money for 50-pound bags of rice and beans, blocks of cheese and all the powdered milk you can haul away. If you want steak and frozen pizza, then get a job.

Put me in charge of Medicaid. The first thing I’d do is to get women Norplant birth control implants or tubal ligations. Then, we’ll test recipients for drugs, alcohol, and nicotine and document all tattoos and piercings. If you want to reproduce or use drugs, alcohol, smoke or get tats and piercings, then get a job.

Put me in charge of government housing. Ever live in a military barracks? You will maintain our property in a clean and good state of repair. Your "home" will be subject to inspections anytime and possessions will be inventoried. If you want a plasma TV or Xbox 360, then get a job and your own place.

In addition, you will either present a check stub from a job each week or you will report to a "government" job. It may be cleaning the roadways of trash, painting and repairing public housing, whatever we find for you. We will sell your 22 inch rims and low profile tires and your blasting stereo and speakers and put that money toward the "common good."

Before you write that I’ve violated someone’s rights, realize that all of the above is voluntary. If you want our money, accept our rules.. Before you say that this would be "demeaning" and ruin their "self-esteem," consider that it wasn’t that long ago that taking someone else’s money for doing absolutely nothing was demeaning and lowered self-esteem.

If we are expected to pay for other people’s mistakes we should at least attempt to make them learn from their bad choices. The current system rewards them for continuing to make bad choices.

Forwarded by

Dan Sorkin
Chief Stump

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil

is that good men do nothing.

…edmund burke

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116 Responses to From the Waco Herald Tribune, November 18, 2010

  1. Joe says:

    This is the best. If only our government would see that all these free loaders are holding our country down and keeping us from moving forward. They are the biggest reason we are in a ‘recession’ in my opinion. We need to get back to the basics and I fully agree with the whole barracks idea. Even if not….we need to quit giving them everything for FREE and encouraging them not to work. Make them work for their food stamps.

    • Stacey says:

      So am I a bad person for going to college working two job and still needign food stamps? Ya i eat Poptarts and pizza. My mother works two factory joba and my dad works ina car dealership my brother serves in the army and i still had to pay my own way thru college. So when I use SNAP should I feel bad? Not everyone who is acceptign Govornment help is as bad as you say.

      • Pick/***** says:

        i like how Stacy expresses his thoughts on the issue and his humor in his spelling being he is a college student.
        Mind you there are some college students who fake and cheat their way through school like that which was in the news laterly where several went to jail even.
        Stacy’s speling is intentional and follows a distinct patern and so i hope he keeps furthuring his edumacashun! We need all the educated people we can get as if we couldn’t tell with the present government we have, they aren’t too bright!!!

      • upret66 says:

        You should learn how to spell and punctuate lady – maybe you would be better off! By the way, nobody is condemning those who need assistance!

        • Pick/***** says:

          Who particularly gives a damn if their punk u a shun is correct and their spelling is in kor ek, just so long as they get their point across as to how they feel what is happening to them and the nation as a whole!
          We have to communicate with all people not just the arrogant asses who think they are better than others who are less educated!
          My wife’s cousin is a certified genuis and he has NEVER put anyone down in his entire life, as he is human and understands human nature… Are you by chance a genuis!?
          You have the need to correct people’s grammar, punctuations, and bad sentence structure, you really need to get a life!!!
          Go apply as a critic or a proofer for publishers, for if you are not prepared to communicate with everyday people you need not respond to us, period!

          • Bob says:

            Pick, you sound like someone whose name should have an ‘r’ as the second letter. Stacey’s spelling, grammar, punctuation and sentence structure are indefensible for a person with any amount of college study.

            • Pick/***** says:

              People Have the Right to Criticism and Some Even Have the Right to Make a Fool of Their Selves as Claiming to be Above All Others! Opinions Are Plentiful, Just as are Ass Holes, Everyone Has One!
              The First Amendment is an Awesome Freedom isn’t it!
              Should the Day Come Obama and Company Take Over This Nation and Convert it into a Democratic Socialist Nation, Both You and I Will Be Living Living in One of the FEMA Camps for Talking Trash About One and Another!
              So, Till that Day!… Have at it Mr. Bob, with Your Doctrine Degree, Talking Down to Your Inferiors!
              A Shame Though, Such a Proclaimed Educated Person with Nothing Better to Do But Chastise Others for Their Lessor Education!… Maybe You Should Get a Life to Go Along with that Education!?
              Never Forget, Liberals Promote Ignorance as a Means to Control People, Otherwise Where They Normally Could Not Due to their Own Inferiority in Standing on Principal for They Have None!… Have a Wonderful Life!

      • Crystal says:

        Welfare intended purpose is to not to be used from craddle to grave, once you get on your feet, pay back to society with community service type work and educate others on avenues to take other than the “free ride ticket!”

        • ABSOLUTELY! It should have far more strict requirements and no, I don’t think it is ok for those on welfare and gov’t housing to have a plasma tv and bmw parked out front. There are GENERATIONS of welfare recipients. We used WIC when we were in the military and starting out and as soon as we no longer NEEDED it, we no longer took it. We are not against help when it is needed but it is HELP not entitlement and should NOT be a way of life.

      • Barbara says:

        So you went to college??? You obviously didn’t learn to spell .. your spelling is horrible!
        Read what she said again..okay? She didn’t tell anyone to “feel bad” she merely stated/thought a person should trade off what he/she gets from the goverment instead of just taking from the government ..or get a job! In other words you can’t have the neat things you all want while collecting welfare. Got it!

        • Pick/***** says:

          If your only purpose is to scan blogs looking to correct people on their English spelling and grammar then you need to get a life!
          The point of the whole business of Free Speech is to air one’s opinion without having to put up with critique critics!
          More power to your good fortune of a good education, only they didn’t teach you to be polite to others who possibly are less fortunate than you. The mark of a real educated person is to be able to speak on the same plane as any other without trying to shame them as you seem to have a tendency to do.
          If you want to continue to make your opinions known on ths blog you will leave out the educated sarcasm…

      • HH says:

        you really need to stay in college because you certatintly can not spell!

        • Pick/***** says:

          There are those who graduate college with high honors and still can’t spell.
          They don’t concentrate on every word they type or write as long as their point gets across and the communication is a success, what’s the point in calling attention to such trivial matters, besides, not everyone can be as perfect as you, apparently!

          • Spelling, grammar and punctuation matter in written communication. When you are talking, your audience will judge what you have to say, based largely upon how well you speak. The same is true, perhaps more so, when you write. I am very sorry if you think this is unfair. Perhaps it is unfair; however, it is the way it is, and wishing it were not so will not make it not so…

            • Pick/***** says:

              Either you are an English Teacher, or you are simply board and short on extra-curricular activities considering you are entertained in hen pecking people over their grammar or punctuation.
              As long as we can read and understand what one and another writes, we are good to go.
              Our current problem within the US is those who refuse to speak English and fluently as to be able to understand, we have enough problems already trying to understand Ghetto! At a fast food restaurant one time a good while back, I had a young Black lady tell me she could not understand me. I asked her if I placed a few marbles into my mouth would it improve matters and she became indignant. I told her to try and understand this; I would like to speak with your manager/boss. I complained of the young lady being a Smart “A” and being bigoted of Caucasians for their comments of not being able to understand their dialect which are a cast over from the slavery days. They incensed over any comments of the Slavery Days, yet they hold on dearly to their atrocious dialect which is incomprehensible…
              Now, you can nit-pick my Grammar, my sentence structure and punctuations!
              I have no problem with bad grammar and such so long as I can understandably communicate. It is well to have to have correct English as well as mannerisms and common courtesy but far too many have neglected to keep their taught skills sharp.
              I too am no professional writer so I indeed have no problem with incorrect English so long as I can understand… 

              • Elaine says:

                I can’t believe that people are still commenting on this letter first submitted by some hateful Texan several years ago. I was so infuriated when I first read it. I wrote numerous letters protesting it.
                To suggest that all WOMEN be given Norplant birth control implants or tubal ligations because they got pregnant. You have got to be kidding!! How the HELL did these women get pregnant in the first place? Maybe all the MEN should be given a Vasectomy, I was going to say remove his balls, but any man that gets a women pregnant and doesn’t support her and the children doesn’t have any anyway.
                I will make a bet that this idiot from Texas does not know how hard it is for so many of these women that are left with no money, no job and a bunch of kids to feed. I know, because I was one of those women back in the mid 70’s. I couldn’t get welfare because my four year old car was to new, but I was able to feed my four kids with the help of food stamps. By the way, I was never able to buy anything other than food items. Don’t know how people think food stamp recipients can actually do so.
                I am doing very well, now, Thank You and my children have all graduated from college, thanks to government loans that they are continuing to pay back.
                Because of what I went through, I have sympathy and a heart that feels for all the people that need help today. No one knows the history or background of any of these people and all you so called Christians remember what Jesus said, “My greatest commandment I give to you, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. I’m wondering just what Jesus would say, today, about all of this rhetoric.

                • William says:

                  Cry me a river! You have never had any hardships? Hardships build real character, which you have none? Go back and be reborn I 1920. We made it and were much happier and the reason we were was because we had to use our brains and back to push through hardships, and by God we did it with a smile on our face when we succeeded. You don’t know the satisfaction of success through hard work and thrift! I feel sorry for you.

      • Hacim I Monban says:

        All it says is that when you use, the “stamps” that you can’t buy the nice stuff with them. If you want steak, you’re going to have to use the money you earned. Nothing more.

    • Sam says:

      These are some good ideas! But she didn’t go far enough.

      What about taking away the right to vote from all the corporate officers of businesses that receive government grants and loans. There are a lot of them.

      The sugar industry get million in free money from the Feds. Why should they be allowed to vote? It’s a conflict of interest.

      How about the oil industry? They get billions in federal grants! They should not be allowed to vote or contribute to political campaigns! That would piss the Koch brothers off!

      And there is Wally World (Wal-Mart), they get grants for creating jobs! Yes, those people who get low pay (mostly part time workers), no benefits, no pension, and certainly no union representation. Wal-Mart get federal money to hire them. Why should the officers of Wal-Mart be allowed to vote and contribute to political campaigns, that’s a conflict of interest.

      And don’t forget the defense industry, they get multi-billions in Federal money. These guy take our tax dollars and contribute it to the campaigns of the people who approved the money in the first place. Should that be?

      And drug testing would be a good idea, too. Every corporate office of a company that receives Federal grants or loans should have to be drug tested.

      And better yet, why shouldn’t the congress men who vote for these loans and grant have to be drug tested on a regular basis. And Federal judges at all levels should be drug test regularly. Is baseball and bicycle racing more important than the making of laws and the passing judgment on the constitutionality of those laws.

      Face it, there’s a lot that needs changing. But it’s not just welfare Mom’s that’s the problem, that’s only a symptom of a bigger problem in our nation. We need to clean up welfare, but we need to first clean up government that protects the wealthy more than the poor and businesses that get corparate welfare when they are making big profits.

  2. Adam says:

    Run for office now

  3. Susie in TEXAS says:

    Shame on the author of this. Gosh,pretty harsh and assuming. I heard the author is only 21….she has never lost a job that she had for several years because a Corporate giant decided he could have a $10 million annual bonus instead of a $1 million bonus simply by discontinuing thousands of jobs in America and sending them overseas.This article assumes that EVERYONE who does not have a job or needs help is a LOSER ON WELFARE. This article assumes that EVERYONE needing help has never trusted Wall Street with their investments, only to find that Wall Street played with their money like a Monopoly game with no regard for the humans that provided the investment money. So, what I’m reading is that the fault of our country’s situation is regular people who may have been hit by hard times. Obviously, Corporate Greed has not played any role in this. I am ashame of this article!! Oh but wait…’s from someone is Waco, Texas. I get it now! The writer obviously doesn’t know that thousands of hard working school teachers in Texas lost their jobs this year, thanks to Rick Perry’s administration? Oh, sorry….these teachers are losers too! Shame on you little girl! Where did your silver spoon come from!!

    • Jose E Vasquez Sr. says:

      Maybe not but she is right! I have seen all those that abuse the system and get away with it due to being a minority or not married(but still having kids) or just damn lazy! If the bleeding heart people would just see beyond their noses we could get people back on track. Work! you eat! Lay around ! you do not eat!

    • SAM says:

      This isn’t about people on unemployment because of the recession… It is about people who’s cultural upbringing is that it is perfectly ok to live on WELFARE at the expense of the tax payers. RE-READ the article. She talks about people who live on welfare but can afford to own better than those who pay for welfare. They should not get to have flat screen tvs, steak for dinner etc. If they want those things, they should have to work for them. How is it they can afford 22 inch chrome rims and tattoos if they collect food stamps and welfare at the tax payers expense. Her suggestion of drug tests is dead on, because that is likely how they afford all these things. Unreported income! and mooching off the backs of the taxpayers, and then teaching their kids to do the same. Wake up Susie in Texas. This has got to stop.

      • Jose E Vasquez Sr. says:

        The fact of the matter is that a lot of our countrymen are bleeding heart Americans and will never look at it as it is! I am a Hispanic and was dirt poor as I grew up in south Texas but I never collected welfare or food stamps! I worked! I did not earn a lot but what I earned was from my work and not from welfare! By the way we all ahd good jobs and we all had some collage and some graduated from collage but we never took a handout!

    • Carol Lohkemper says:

      I have several friends who have lost their jobs and cannot find another one. Before they even THOUGHT to ask for money from the government, they relied on unemployment compensation that they PAID INTO to get benefits. They held yard sales to get money. They starting shopping at thrift stores. They used up their savings. And only then did they ask for food assistance. And as the original letter referenced, they did not buy steak and frozen pizza. One of my friends went from a corporate accounting job to a stock clerk in Walmart, just so he didn’t need to ask the government for help. And others who did ask for help, understood that this was only temporary and not a way of life. I agree with the letter that for those that do need assistance, the help is there, but not to be abused. If you ask for assistance then there definitely should be rules to be followed. If people are required to be drug and alcohol tested to get a job, then it is only fair that welfare recipients are also drug and alcohol tested. And since my money is going to help these people, I don’t think it is appropriate they live better than I do.

      • Teri says:

        In Utah, the EMPLOYER pays into unemployment on behalf ot the employee…based upon a percentage… NOT THE EMPLOYEE. Unemployment is NOT an “entitlement” program,,,,it is designed to be temporary. Thank goodness there are people like your friends, that used other methods to earn money, ie yard sales, etc. I agree there are “rules” that should be followed, and I think drug/alcohol testing is only fair.

      • Rob says:

        Since when do employees pay into unemployment compensation? The employer pays 100% of the unemployment contribution.What most people, like you, do not understand is that the employer pays for the unemployment check you receive, not the government.
        If too much is charged against the employer’s account he or she is charged a higher rate for future contributions. Learn the facts before you speak out. you sound like a “brain-washed democrat” who believes the “greedy employer” B.S.

        • Pick/***** says:

          I’m not the author of the conversation you speak of but I had to make one comment to yours.
          Unemployment is paid one half by employer and one half by the State…

      • Deb says:

        You couldn’t have said it better. Thanks for your reply!

    • Ken says:

      I think your wrong. This article is about making choices and not being able to get something for nothing. When you go to work you are drug tested, given a set of rules to follow or leave. Welfare/job assistance/food stamps what ever you want to call it needs to have the same rules as if it were a real job. It serves two purposes, 1. To get help you must put in some effort in your city/state/community 2. You will be adjusted to re-enter the workforce since you never got lazy. It should have a specific time you report each day along with an amount of time you are assisting/searching/ re-training ect….
      I do agree with you, Corporate greed has gotten in the way of our basic principles this country was founded on and the corporate leadership doesn’t care as long as they get want they want. The longer our current situation goes on the more we slip into the Have and Have not’s

  4. JohnGalt says:

    @Susie. Though not the author of this I will tell you my silver spoon came from my father who got it from his father who got it from his father………..all the way back to 1600 when my forefather came here with nothing and cried, bled and fought for what I enjoy today. And I say thank you to him. I’m sorry you lost your job and am sure you’re smart enough to read past the innuendos of the writer to see the bigger picture that change in our welfare systems is required for the survival of this country.

  5. Nikki Dixon says:

    I know that our welfare system does need some changes. I do agree with drug testing for actual welfare recipients. But this author has some serious issues here. And she most definitively has a huge sliver spoon in her mouth and I hope that she chokes on it! I have been a sociologist for several years and I have worked with many agency’s with clients on programs like these. I will tell you, this situation is no different than many other in that it is a few bad apples that ruin (and stereo type) all others. Most people don’t want to be on public assistance, but they run out of choices and if these programs weren’t in place they would be in homeless shelters. But I guess you would complain about that too, if there was an influx in people in state ran homeless shelters. Now I will go through each paragraph and tell you ALL about what this “author” said.

    Food Stamps paragraph- Really? Money for rice, beans, and cheese. And then what? You’re gonna bitch and complain about how all people on the “new food stamp program” are all over weight and unhealthy. Do you know what has to be proven in order to get food stamps? Well, you have to prove that you are living 2x below the poverty level first. Do you realize how little of an income that is? And most people don’t get to stay on food stamps, once they make above that amount of money they no longer get them. Not to mention that there is a whole class of people called the “working poor” who do have jobs, but STILL make way below a living wage. How about those people? Since your answer is to make them get a job! A lot of them DO HAVE JOBS! So, stick that in your pipe and smoke it!!!!

    Medicaid paragraph- It is extremely hard to get Medicaid, again you have to be incredibly poor. And even then it’s not like you get great health care. It only pays for minor things, and regular office visits. You think the solution is to MAKE women have birth control or sterilization? Ok, first of all that’s totally unconstitutional, and I know that your answer to that is that “it is voluntary” but we all know that would never fly. But for the sake of argument, let’s say that we did that. And then what? You’re going to have a whole ton of women who can no longer have kids, then the birth rates will drop, hospitals will close, and ultimately more people will be out of a job…. Whoa, wait they can just be the scum of the earth and get gvmt assistance, right!!! Don’t you see this plan is total b.s.! You are going to control tattoos and piercings? Really, that has nothing to do with gvmt assistance. I think that you are just caught up in a stereo type world and you are lost in what real life is like. And your last paragraph, that “you” are paying for all this….. Let’s just say for a second that we did enact a program like this. Do you think that your tax rates will drop, and you will have more money in your pocket. Hell, no. The fed gvmt is not going to cut our taxes b/c they don’t have to pay so much for these programs. They will do what they always do and appropriate that money somewhere else. You will never see it, in fact, it will prob go in someone’s pocket that is high on the food chain of gvmt officials, so I ask you. Would you rather line Uncle Sam’s pockets or hand it out temporarily to people who literally have nothing. I implore you to go and do an internship at a local welfare office, look at the people who are getting Food Stamps, I know you think they drive up in Lexus’s and have nice clothes but the majority of them DON”T ! Most of them are working or are in school full time to better them selves. They don’t want a handout, they need a hand up! You need to get a life. Do something worth while with your time, instead of writing about a program that you obviously know nothing about other than what you have been mislead to believe! And lastly, shame on you! You write this article at a time when jobs are extremely scarce. And yet, your answer is merely to “get a job”. You are severely mislead to think that employment is that simple and clear cut. I hate it when someone says, “just get a job”. It’s not that easy. For many people the stars have to align in order to get a job. You have to have transportation to get there, and most towns dont’ have public trans. You have to get daycare if you have kids, and you can’t pay for that without a job, but you can’t get a job without having someone to keep your kids. It’s a cycle really and it is not as easy as you would apparently like to think! You need to get a life, help out others that need it. Dedicate your time to helping those that truly need the help since you care about it so much. But I doubt you will, you will stay in your little life where nothing bad happens, no one is broke or needs help, and no one knows what it’s like to need these programs. You are the worst kind of hypocrite. Climb down from your high horse, and take a look at the working poor. They change your oil, and watch your kids, but they don’t make enough money to support themselves adequately. I urge you to practice what you preach, start an initiative to bring about more jobs, help the poor in some other way. Only a coward writes about things that they don’t have a clue about. I hope you take my advice and I think that you owe a lot of people an apology. Regardless of how you feel about things these recipients are people too and they have rights, feelings, and needs and it is not your place to judge what is right or wrong, fit or unfit. Nothing is as clear cut as you seem to think it is!

    • Pick/***** says:

      You say you are a Socialist and yet your comments reflects a bit of Conservatism.
      You speak of socialism and the US Constitution!?
      You may think you are a socialist but you are what appears to be a fence sitter by your ideals!?
      Socialism is a oppressive system of government and the US is a Republic which has NO USE FOR SOCIALISM!
      All who care to claim they are socialist need to seriously consider moving to a receptive nation who share you ideals.
      We are a caring and giving nation and we need no mandatory programs to take care of our citizens.
      Your socialism is what caused the situation we are in today and you Messiah SociObama has opened the border to let in all Illegal Aliens as well as TERRORIST!
      Socialist need not be so generous with a nation’s compassion in welcoming the world to waltz on in when in the end it will cause one ting and one thing only to happen, a Revolution to oust a Socialist government and possibly a Civil War according to your SociObama as the American people will have to take extreme measures in pulling in on the reins of all who are outside the boundaries of the US Constitution and no shape form or fashion does SOCIALISM fit into the equation of a Republic!!!

      • SAM says:

        Pick, she didn’t say she was a socialist, she said she is a sociologist…As I wrote below, her complaints go back to our government having their hands in everything. They have messed up public education to the point where we graduate kids from high school with no employable skills. They can’t read, they can’t write, they can’t add or subtract nevermind multiply or divide. They get jobs at McDonalds and the register tells them how much cahnge to give back,, and many have a hard time getting that right. Then they have kids… We have kids who have been raised by kids having kids… They have no idea how to discipline themselves nevermind their children. These same people blame the education system when it is their lack of involvement in their children’s lives and their own lack of education, but no worries, because in Obamerica, the governement will take care of them all, right?

    • Marilyn says:

      My son graduated from college with a B.S. in phycology. While he was going to school, he worked at a Verizon Wireless. When he graduated, he had a wife and a new baby and was not able to get a job in his field. He took work at a Tough Shed building sheds during the summer so he could support his family. At the end of the summer, he was laid off and was unemployed for four months. They had saved up money previously for just such an event. Not only did they not live above their means, but they had scrimped and saved, used coupons and went without to save up for just such an occasion. When he found out he could get public assistance, he turned it down. He knew he could take care of himself and his family on his savings and worked hard to get a job. He now works for a county government agency (in his field) helping people to get jobs by teaching them skills, interviewing techniques, resume building, networking and so forth. He has come out on top without public assistance and he never once asked to borrow money from us or any other family member. I agree that there are a few people who truly need and benefit from public assistance, but I believe that the majority need to learn to take care of themselves, be prepared for a rainy day (or week or month or year), stop looking for handouts and the easy way out and most importantly learn to stop living above their means and learn to go without when necessary.

      • Jose E Vasquez Sr. says:

        This is so nice to hear of a real American Father, who does the right thing! I am a Texican and remember being poor but my father would not allow us getting welfare! He said we had to for ourselves! I was dirt poor, went to the military and have enjoyed a life that I am pround to say I earned my place in our great country! I am a a retired Federal Officer with 36 years of faithful service and very proud to being an American, not only in life but in spirit as well! Good for you all!

      • Laurie Raffa says:

        Don’t forget about the large majority of people who are on disability and worked all of their lives. I am 44 and am on disability. I have worked since high school, throughout college, and after college. I have three children and became a single mother after being married for five years. Yes, I collect food stamps. My $700 disability payment just doesn’t cut it.

    • Faye Paolino says:

      I think this letter the 21 y/o writer has certainly been taken out of context. She means well but I believe she meant this with certain regulations.

    • and I agree totally, my mother just sent this garbage to me in an email….knowing that I have had to be on food stamps and medicaid – I got pregnant with twins, lost my job….also the 21 year old doesn’t know that sometimes (as in my case) a doctor thinks your medical situation (after the emergency c-section, impending infection, loss of blood) doesn’t qualify for a tubal – which I begged for – they also due to the same situation would not give me norplant or any other type of birth control….idiots grow up hopefully. I mean really, road crew? tatoos – what if you got them years ago? Ugh this girl who wrote this sickens me….yes there are abusers but I also paid in to the “system” for many years before I politely begged for help UGH!

      • Pick/***** says:

        Condoms cost far less than pregnancies!!!

      • Jose E Vasquez Sr. says:

        You did not really look ahead sweetheart! A few minutes of pleasure does get you in trouble! Not getting condums or other ways to have control is just plain stupid. You will get no sympathy from those of us who had the thinking to do it right!

        • A few minutes of pleasure between a couple married 9 years, allergy to latex and a “natural condom” that apparently failed….we had been down to sex about 6 times a year because of that….thanks for being so understanding to someone who paid into the system for nearly 20 years before needing help – husband is a carpenter – no housing market, wife supporting family, gets pregnant loses job – I guess I should have gotten a divorce so that I could be celibate….I guess you won’t be taking your social security or medicare because you should work on a road crew or something instead of asking for some of your tax dollars back.

      • SAM says:

        Then you would be the exception and should not take this so personally…The fact that your mother sent this to you seems a slap in the face. Sorry about that! I am in a situation where on two sides I see the waste, abuse, and fraud, but its big government at its best, so while there are people out there who have paid into the system and truly do need the help, it is those who abuse this system that sickens those of us paying into it now, and I’m certain if your situation was different, you would agree with those of us footing the bill. The point made about the green card pay their own way for five years, then three and now Catholic nunns sit and advise them how to get benefits right away is the best example of the abuse that goes on in any government program. Recipients find ways around the rules. First hand knowledge in insurance claims, education, and federal programs has opened my eyes WIDE to the truth. People who aren’t from here, come here and see the things we have, like insurance programs, wellfare, etc. and they immediately start looking for ways to defeat these systems. It is everywhere. Then we have the bleeding hearts who think we have to save them all, but we can’t. It is destroying this country.

    • SAM says:

      Once again, you can thank our government and PUBLIC education for the above input! I have no silver spoon, in fact, I work in education and see the WASTE! And these people on food stamps, the majority are bleeding the system and teaching their kids to do the same. Those who do not want to be in the system ARE the exception, not the majority of slugs out there, cheating the system. We are talking about the ones who wear a pound of gold around their necks and show up for their SSI benefits driving high end cars and wearing very expensive tattoos. Have you ever priced one of those things?
      Check out the BK. They are looking at generations of children who’s parents have never held a job, so how do they teach their children that they should. That is what this country is facing. Check out the section 8 housing, and then check out what our government paid schools are teaching. They don’t teach kids how to think, they teach them what to think, and lately it hasn’t been warm and fuzzy feelings about our history! Then, we waste so much money on kids who don’t want to be in school, don’t speak English, don’t pay taxes, etc. etc. When does it stop, where do we draw the line? Try going to some other country as an American and see how accomodating they are. See how far you get.
      Socialists have the bigger issue. It is not the taxpayers’ repsonsibility to foot the bill for all the freeloaders. Bigger government freeloading programs is not the answer. This is supposed to be the land of the free, sadly, it has become the land of the FREELOADERS!

    • Carol Lohkemper says:

      I think you need to read the letter again. It does not state that people do not need assistance, just that there should be rules. To get assistance, he/she (I’m not convinced a 21-year-old women wrote this letter as I’ve seen the name of Alfred W. Evans of Gatesville associated with it) suggests that they need to submit a paystub or work in a “goverment” provided job. This would take care of ALL of the working poor that you mentioned. And it is also suggested that if you want money from the government to SURVIVE, then you shouldn’t be spending it on non-essential items like NEW tattoos, NEW piercings, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs (or the latest designer clothing and jewelry). How can you, who seems to want to help the poor, not agree with that statement. And about government housing, the letter agrees that some people may need this type of assistance. And if you do, then you should not be filling that house (that someone else if paying for) with luxuries like video games and large-screen HD TV’s. I am all for giving people a helping hand UP and not a HAND OUT.

      • twelvedays says:


        Here here!! Thank you for summing it up.

      • klester says:

        Couldn’t have said it better Carol!!! Our government doesn’t allow people who have been on assistance get off of assistance very easily. A friend of mine is on government assistance. She is divorced has two children. (her former husband was a cheat) She receives SNAP, lives in a subsidized apartment and has Medicaid on her children. She works part-time but was recently offered full-time employment with a $1.00 per hour raise and health insurance that would be partially paid by her employer. She was unable to take the job because it would completely stop all of her benefits and the extra money that she would have received would not cover the additional insurance she would have had to pay for her children. Even when people try to stop the cycle, our government doesn’t give that option. How do you get out once you get in. Just so you know she does not have tatoos, a flat screen TV or other “high priced” items. She has yard sales whenever she can. She takes care of her family. I have never had to have assitance and I am far from rich and middle class is a stretch. I have had a job since I was 15 years old. My father was killed when I was 13 and my mother worked full time to support me and my 3 sisters. I paid for my prom dress, class ring, drivers permit, my high school yearbooks, my car insurance and the majority of my car payments. (my mom co-signed so I could buy a cheap car) Working makes me feel independant, strong, smart, honest and mature. Go get help IF you need it, but get out as quickly as you can or you will be stuck there forever. I feel that if I can make it on 2 part-time jobs until the age of 25, with no “family” money helping me out, anyone can make it. They just have to want to.

  6. Disgusted says:

    I hope that most of you who have commented on here do not actually vote. Pay attention. The author of this was clearly directing at the slobs and dregs of society who sit on their butts and collect every form of public assistance available and just pop out kids. You want to call them the minority?? Not hardly. I live in CT and you can find these people by the thousands in Waterbury, Hartford, Bridgeport etc. I have a friend who works in a grocery store and sees these people come in with their manicures and cell phones and buy shrimp and steak with their food stamps. We make health care, food, housing, cell phones, diapers etc available to people who don’t even TRY to get a job. There is no regulation past the point of qualifying for these programs. Even unemployment is so bogged down that they don’t do any of the leg work to ensure that the recipients are actively searching for jobs. What incentive is there to go out and get a job when the government provides you a better lifestyle than some people manage in 2 income homes?!?!? Why do my husband and I work our butts off to stay afloat so that thousands of people can live off the taxes we pay?? Come on now people, look at the big picture here. Working class just keeps working harder to redistribute the wealth. If you lost your job due to hardship and are actively trying to work and contribute, this does not apply to you. Unfortunately that does NOT account for the majority of the collectors. So yes I agree – GET A JOB. I’m sick of paying for you to live a better life than me AT MY EXPENSE!

    • Christian says:


    • Jose E Vasquez Sr. says:

      I agree with you!!!!! I was a federal employee working at the international crossings in the southern border and remember residents getting their green cards legally, having to live without any government help (welfare,food stamps and such) for five years. Then the liberals changed it to three years and now they have the catholic charities inside a government office giving advice to this new residents how they get all the assistance Immediately. what are we teaching them? to cheat and get all the free stuff instead of getting a job as all good hardworking residents do!

  7. DRJCO says:

    AMEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This all makes perfect sense to me. I didn’t read the original article but just received the text in an email from a friend. Run for office !!! You’ve got my vote and probably most Patriotic Americans.
    I did read a few comments from whining Liberals like Suzie. She is probably part of the Occupy Wall Street Circus today 11-4-11

  8. Synclair says:

    Don’t forget vasectomies for men – if you figure on sterilizing women, take care of the ‘nads too, thank you! They’re just as guilty and usually shoulder less of the responsibility!!

  9. Shirlee Lee says:

    I agree with “Disgusted”-they seem to multiply instead of going down in numbers and the majority I have met don’t even bother looking for jobs-once the unemployment runs out, then its on to the welfare line with no job hunting before, after or in-between!!!!!
    It is unfortunate for those who have lost their jobs-they are the ones out there that won’t accept handouts and look for jobs or whatever they can do to help raise their families. Its the
    lazy ones who sit on their butts all day, stay up late, sleep all morning and by that time “Its too
    late in the day to start job hunting today-maybe tomorrow”. TOMORROW NEVER COMES FOR

  10. Common Sense says:

    Great Article and just as an FYI, it has been passed around via email all over New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts. Everyone loves it and thinks this is a very smart young lady who should definitely get into politics. We need more people like her in this country and less ignorant fools like Susie.

    P.S. this is for you ‘”Disgusted”, regarding the state of affairs in CT. Quote of the year, from Stewie himself: “this can’t be Santa’s workshop, this looks like Bridgeport, CT!”

  11. Joseph says:

    Many people believe that there is a job for every unemployed person in this country.

    • Pick/***** says:

      It may not be a job that could amount to much of anything in a respect of making one self supporting, but technically there are if you simply speak of a specific duty to be performed and get paid for it, of course not all pay is monetary, but can be spiritually rewarding!

    • Mel in Texas says:

      Many people in this country don’t speak spanish….and can’t get those jobs “American’s won’t do” – you know, construction, road crew, restaurant work, customer service, government service….of course maybe you don’t live in one of those places….

      • Pick/***** says:

        If the government wasn’t so accommodating to Illegals and Lazy Legal Citizens who thinks the government owes them a living, those so called jobs no one will take would become a necessity for survival.
        I worked many of those jobs and climbed higher on the pay scale and benefits as I went along. I refused to embarrass myself by sitting on my “A” and let the tax paying citizens take care of me!
        My Father told me back in the day, “if you do nothing with your life at least work and not be a burden to society”
        The fact a person will work any job available lets the people know you are willing to try and support yourself thus receiving assistance won’t be as embarrassing. Those who have been raised to live off the government have no sense of shame anyway and need to be taught what reality is all about!

        • Mel in Texas says:

          The point was, that you are not getting is that you can’t get those jobs anymore if you aren’t fluent in spanish….not even a nail banging framer – they don’t hire anyone except illegals and are willing to say so.

          • Pick/***** says:

            Those who hire Illegals is the reason the government passed the E-Verify Bill. Now if only the Liberals get nipped at the bud the constant flow of Illegals can slow down once they the Liberal government isn’t in control any longer and handing them everything they need on a silver platter!
            Anyone who can’t speak English had best learn or return whence they came if the desire to make a living here… LEGALLY!!!

            • Mel in Texas says:

              I agree but no one checks the construction sites who pay cash…and only cash….to everyone they hire and they only hire those who only speak spanish – no habla espanol, no work…..and as for the eVerify system – there are a lot of people who are skirting this system while the government looks the other way, lies about how many illegals are here, passes amnesty and gives out aid to illegals. All I am saying is that sometimes, perfectly law-abiding, tax-paying citizens come on rough times and need a hand up – which they already paid for.

              • Pick/***** says:

                Yes those who have paid into the System are expected to have help waiting for them when in times of need where the government has screwed so bad they have put people out of jobs and homes!
                Legal Immigrants can become citizens at age 65 and immediately start collecting Social Security!
                Obama made sure illegal’s they will receive benefits we as citizens cannot receive.
                Somewhere along the line, and I hope it isn’t to far down the road as it is headed for a dead end, the government will do as the people demand before the people have to follow the command of the US Constitution for the people to take out a Tyrannical Government.
                Our government under estimates the people’s resolve when they are double crossed and are ripped off of their entire life work leaving them with nothing while the government losses NOTHING!

                • Jose E Vasquez Sr. says:

                  That is why a lot of people are hoarding ammo and keeping the guns in good working order! I hope we do not have to go this way!

                  • Pick/***** says:

                    You and me both!!!
                    SociObama actually wants the people to rebel so he can call in the UN so called “Peace Keeping Forces”
                    He is preparing for the day by reducing our military strength to be incapable of defending our Home Land!!!
                    If it does have to come to that, so be it… I’m ready!!!

                    • Jose E Vasquez Sr. says:

                      I have been getting ready for the last three years! am almost there! God Bless America!

                    • Pick/***** says:

                      I have personally known by observation from age 14 that the country was going down hill and that the government, State, and Local law was corrupt and could get away with anything they done as they have all the money and power, that is till the people rise up!
                      Just like Bruce Springsteen sang in his titled song “Rise Up” but I don’t think he was thinking on the same lines as you and I as he like so many celebrities, they are disgustingly sorry Liberals!!!

            • Jose E Vasquez Sr. says:

              I agree! Lets vote this fools out and get our country back on track!

      • Jose E Vasquez Sr. says:

        Mel if the Welfare system would only put a notice that if you want food stamps and other help you must do the job! What I mean is that field work, trash collecting and those so called jobs no one wants! Well let us make the welfare receivers do this jobs!!!!!!

  12. SAM says:

    Agreed! If they receive welfare, they should have to put in time somewhere to earn it. That’s pretty basic. They should have to earn it. There is plenty for them to do, as stated, trash clean up, field work, yard work, laundry, something…I think we’d see a lot of people getting jobs where the wouldn’t before if they suddenly had to clean public restrooms or clean up trash on the highway.

  13. Jessica S says:

    O Dear. I find myself wanting to respond to many things here.Then, I think my energy could be used more wisely and constructively. Nothing is black and white. It’s very complicated.Yes, people need to work. Most do. Some people have work to do outside of the box. All of us need to think outside of the box. All of us need to think not just for the self, but for the collective. I advocate love and compassion as well as education and action. There is plenty of evidence showing that despite hard work, many people, pretty much 99% of the people, are not able to reap what they sow.

  14. James says:

    When Gov’t gives you all you need then Gov’t can take all you have. And that is what is happening now, today. Scripture says “if a person doesn’t want to work then they don’t need to eat.

  15. gary says:

    there are people already being paid to clean restrooms , pick up trash, yard work etc and paid a pittance. You would put them out of work to employ the unemployed ? Don’t you realize you are falling for the biggest con game in the country. Whilst you’re attacking the ‘social scroungers’ stealing crumbs from your floor the bankers and ‘investors’ have stolen your roof. Wake up !

    • Pick/***** says:

      Money makes the world go around!
      How it is made and spent determines the character of the person.
      Bottom line is less you have a sustaining business that is guaranteed not to fail you have to depend upon the industry to make a living.
      Industry has to make GOOD PROFITS in order to expand and hire more people as well as give them decent raises. If you tax the industry to death they collapse or pack up and move to a foreign nation.
      The UNIONS have a lot to do with Industry packing up and leaving the US as Unions have too much power over Industry for they virtually have the Industry paying for every aspect of the employees cost of living.
      These Occupy Wall Street and who ever else across the land only demonstrates how the Liberal Side of the US operates, all you have to do is read the press coverage and Liberal Owned Press if anything does not lie about Liberal agendas they will build it up to make it look like it is the better way.
      This country has been slowly converting to Socialism from the day the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) was organized and established the United Nations as the basis of their agenda in an attempt to have total control of all nations which many have heard mention of the “New World Order” but have not investigated what it is all about and seriously need to.
      We are a Capitalist nation that is how we are able to work and prosper according to our ambition. The American Government has the influence of the CFR to call the shots and this is where the plot comes in to have the American People become dependent upon government to survive. When government has the upper hand they rule and you obey in order to survive. The people who constantly say, “The government needs to make a law”… “The government should be made to” the government is more than willing to accommodate such demands as it takes away more of our freedoms, just like selling your soul to the Devil!
      The people have finally awoken after the election of Obama as the Socialist agenda swiftly increased its push to finalize the Socializing of America and our Constitutional Republic becomes history.
      The Liberals have an immense foot hold on the country with all the People’s dependence upon the government to survive.
      It isn’t the fault of the Bankers and Investors as they are doing what they were established to do. Making it easier for the People to have greater credit and purchase on CREDIT their entire livelihood puts them at the mercy of the government who is operating in the background and in their background is the CFR.
      Gullible and greedy People have slapped the ankle chains onto their own legs and anchored to the government.

      • Jose E Vasquez Sr. says:

        I believe that a lot of the people cleaning rest rooms and such jobs are being done by people without legal residency! If they lose that job they can go back to their country! Jobs for our countrymen!

      • TheTank says:

        Pick…you need to get a life. You really don’t need to reply to everything….especially when you are saying the same thing. And since I’m here…the article was awesome. Too bad those things will never be put in place because we have become a kinder, gentler nation.

        • Pick/***** says:

          If I have not a life and you feel it necessary to enlighten me, do you have any constructive ideas as to what kind a life I could have?
          As far as replying, that is what you call communicating, otherwise we would have nothing to talk about!
          Sharing views and ideas on occasion actually becomes a constructive tool for the future of our nation and world.
          Being this is a BLOG where articles are posted and comments are made on them if anyone cares and the comments are not insulting or vulgar…
          So, if you care not for my opinions on the posts I place on my blog, you need not waste your precious time cruising the blog… seems logical to me? … Have a great day!

  16. David says:

    “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves money from the Public Treasury. From that moment on the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the Public Treasury with a result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy always followed by dictatorship. The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations has been 200 years.”
    Sir Alexander Fraser Tyler “Decline and Fall of the Athenian Republic”

    I agree that those who do not contribute to society or who cannot manage their life to contribute should not be given the vote. Their choice, accept welfare, turn in your voter’s registration card. Stop accepting welfare, get your voter’s registration card back.

  17. Sammy says:

    Really, accepting help on some levels is not wrong. Do people abuse the system yes some do, but what about the ones who do not! I grew up on it and years ago, my disabled mother had to raise 4 of us on this money after my father walked away. The goverment did not chase after him for his child support that would have went to the goverment. The rules and regulations was different. Now they are different on a level that give more acceptable practice like owning a car. Have I used the or accepting assistance now, yes and the tiny bit that I got I jumped through regulations to get the tiny bit of food stamps less than $50.00 . I need medical assistance for my life substaining care and can not get it. I have been looking for work for over a year and been getting unemployment that less than 300.00, I have full bills to pay, mortgage and so forth, I struggle and do the best I can. I feel insulted by the orginal posting, because assistance is the high life. I have no big screen tv, but a tiny one, I have no certain to be out out socially or extras. But the society of today make me feel ashame to use my food stamps once a month.

    • Pick/***** says:

      If you truly feel that you are not taking advantage of the system and earnestly searching for work and re-establish your independence from government assistance, then you should be guilt free. There are those who were born into government assistance and have remained with raising children of their own and no thought of getting off government assistance!
      Those who fraudulently apply for government assistance and grants should be punished to the maximum and then some!!! Those who have a daily drug and alcohol addiction need not be allowed to reside within government housing facilities or receive government assistance, period!

  18. captfoster says:

    You know… it is so easy for those who still have a job, or have yet to feel the sting of having ones job being sent to China or India (as my wifes job was three years ago and she remained unemployeed for the next two and half years and not because she was unwilling to work) to sit there and blast away at all those who find themselves on welfare, food stamps, unemployment, Section-8 housing.

    And for those of you who have or had been hurting for money during their life-time and yet claim they never took a dime in welfare, etc… I call BULL-COOKIES on each and every one of you! And even if it is true, as much as I doubt it, what kind of a heartless jerk have you become that you can so arrogantly call out those who did take social welfare help?

    And for those of you who demand that poor people must be made to ‘drug test’ for poor people welfare… then I would certainly hope that you are also willing to demand that all wealthy people and the many top managers who make up a corporations heirarchy that gets corporate tax cuts and subsidies (despite many of these corporations making billions in profits. Profits made, in many cases because that corporation laid off thousands of Americans or moved operations overseas) (Read: CORPORATE WELFARE) should also be made to piss in a cup for their welfare, yes??

    Any chance any of you would agree that the repealing of NAFTA would make more sense than forcing people to pee in a cup as a way to ‘save’ America?

    One last thing … a few months ago, McDonald’s set out to hire 60,000 new employees across America … more than 1 MILLION people showed up or applied online … now, are you really going to continue to sit there and live in the corporate funded fantasy world many of you seem to think we live in as to who it is we should be blaming poor people and welfare recipients for all our problems?

    • Jose E Vasquez Sr. says:

      You sound like you may have a problem with being poor! I came from a very poor background and a minority to boot, However I do not dwell on it. I see a lot of people( a lot of minorities) but also non minority abuse the system and that is why a lot of people want the drug tests and such to aliviate the problems. I know how you feel but remember our country was founded in the belief that hard work will get you everything! Our politicians have ruined it for all with all our hand outs to every third country but have forgotten our own people. Do not give up the good Lord will provide!

      • Blane says:

        Mr. Jose, please run for public office. I’ll vote for you! You are, at least as far as I can tell from your posts, an absolute jewel!

        Peace, my brother!

        • Jose says:

          If I ran for office the Devil’s people(those that feed the politicians money) would be trying to buy me! I am not ready or willing to be in the limelight!

    • Jose E Vasquez Sr. says:

      I worked with the Customs Service and saw what NAFTA was and I was right.
      It means : Not For The Americans Anyway! Just like every third world country hates our guts but they stand in line to take our monies!

  19. captfoster says:

    Oh yeah … Being on welfare or any government assistence has absolutely NOTHING to do with ones right to vote! That is insane to even consider and is so unamerican and anti-democracy that I question anyones true loyalty to this nation for even thinking the idea up in the first place!!

    However, I would agree to the idea only if we made it so that any corporation or wealthy person who seeks to not pay taxes or demands a bailout of any kind that these people and the corporations they represent should not be allow to vote, nor have anything what-so-ever to do with the political process until they quietly accept and pay the taxes they need to pay or refuse to not take a bailout of any kind.

    Otherwise… no deal!

    • Pick/***** says:

      The Florida Welfare Law requiring applicants to undergo drug testing has been halted due to an ACLU law suit saying it is unconstitutional.
      A Liberal Lady Judge says the law will have to be reviewed for the possibility of Illegal Search and Seizure!?
      Here is the Irony of it all and the Liberal Double Standard, corporations and small businesses are required to enforce drug testing upon acceptance of application for hire and also subject to random drug testing once employed and drug tested any time involved in an accident, even if the person who was not at fault or even not injured!?
      So what gives welfare recipients the right to receive the benefits of Federal Assistance and maintain a drug or alcohol addiction using monies that should be the benefit of the family’s basic needs?
      If people on Welfare can purchase alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes as much as it all costs, then they can contribute all monies to the Federal Assistance to reduce the overall costs of the American Tax Payer’s money!
      I don’t know about you, but myself, I’m not about to voluntarily take money out of my pocket to give someone to purchase such items, no way in Hell!!! I will help people in need but not in need of addictions!!!
      It is outrageous the number of people on Federal Assistance owning luxury vehicles better and newer than the working class!!!

  20. stephanos says:

    I understand the sentiment, but I’m not sure how fair it is to presuppose “bad choices” on the part of everyone receiving government aid, and taking away basic rights of citizenship of the republic. As for the ‘conflict of interest,’ by those standards it’s just as reasonable to revoke voting rights of employees of all corporations who have received bailout money, tax breaks, land grants…heck anyone who has mailed a letter, driven on the freeway, gone to public schools, or been protected from theft, assault, terrorism, or foreign hostility. Who is left that has never received “government aid” of some kind? The “conflict of interest” logic is problematic because everyone has a vested interest in representative government–the question is whether that representation ought to be democratic or a pay-to-play plutocracy. Taking away the voice of the least among us seems anti-American, but I will agree that incentive to contribute is important and in everyone’s interest, while an empty treasury serves nobody. But are we really willing to take away reproduction or voting rights of a full-time Walmart employee whose minimum wage job without health benefits isn’t a living wage for his family of four, let alone enough to buy private insurance for everyone?

    • Joe Brack says:

      To Stacey, captfoster, Susie in TEXAS, Stephanos, captfoster , Jose E Vasquez Sr. , Sammy, Gary and the rest of you socialists liberal who want to rob one citizen for the benefit of others.

      As David so aptly quoted Thomas Jefferson “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves money from the Public Treasury”

      It should be remember that the politicians have given to these individual that which it is not theirs to give , weather it be housing, food stamps, clothing, medical care or any and subsistence, it does not belong to the politicians to distribute, it has been taken from a productive citizen and given to a individual who did not earn it.

      What is the difference if I were to come in your house and take food out of your refrigerator or cloths out of your closet because my neighbor needed food and clothing?

      I’m sure your first response is if my neighbor needs food or clothing take it out of my home give it to my neighbor, but that not the way you the liberals think, it O.K. to rob me to help someone I may not want to help, forced charity is not charity but robbery.

      Almost Without exception our forefathers disdained public assistance, It is important to address two myths about charity in America. First, America’s Founders were very careful in limiting government and leaving many responsibilities to American citizens. This is one that was clearly left to America’s citizens, not its government.

      Second, supporting limited government and being against broad government entitlement programs does not mean you are heartless and selfish. In fact, conservatives give significantly more to charity every year than liberals. They simply believe communities, churches and other organizations are better at spending their money than the federal government. America does not have a charity problem – we have a government problem.

      The Founding Fathers seriously debated the role of the federal government and settled on a list of specific powers to be given to Congress in Article 1, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution. While this list includes coining money, establishing a military, creating a postal system, and enacting immigration laws, the Constitution does not give government the power to use taxpayer funds for charity. Now to my question please show me in our Constitution where we the tax payers are suppose to give you or any other individual anything or provide charity. Our founding fathers were very vocal and adamant in that expressing our freedoms which also meant the freedom to fail.

      Some have argued that the government does have the authority to participate in charity, basing their claim on the portion of Section 8 of Article 1 which states that Congress shall “provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States…” However, the Founders made efforts to ensure this clause was not misinterpreted. James Madison, “Father of the Constitution” as the principal author of the document, stated the following:

      “With respect to the words general welfare, I have always regarded them as qualified by the detail of powers (enumerated in the Constitution) connected with them. To take them in a literal and unlimited sense would be a metamorphosis of the Constitution into a character which there is a host of proofs was not contemplated by its creators.”

      Please don’t misunderstand me I don’t blame you as much as I blame the Marxist socialist indoctrination system where you presumable received your education or indoctrination into socialism, public education by the way is unconstitutional as the federal government has no rights or mandate to be involved in public education but that discussion is for a different time and place, but back to the subject at hand. The education you received in the public school system did not teach American government in the true form and hasn’t in more than forty-five years, but ill regardless of the educational system I fault each of you for not making an effort to read and understand our nation founding documents and the concepts of a federalist republic form of government, the form of government that our founding fathers sacrifice to establish.

      There is still hope as ignorance can be overcome through education but stupidity goes on for ever and breeds stupidity.

      lastly I would like to challenge each of you to read the following it a very short story no more than three pages that address government charity and responsibility in a nut shell.

      Then I challenge you to actually read our nations founding documents, starting with our Bill of Rights, Our Declaration of Independence, and Our Constitution, I also highly recommend the Federalist Papers which will enlighten you to the concept of our Constitution and then I recommend two books by Judge Joseph Story, first is “Commentaries on the Constitution of the United States: (1833) and the second is “History of the Revolution and of the Confederation.”

      I don’t know why but I very seriously doubt that any of you will take the challenge, simply because you are truly convinced that the government is the answer and you are afraid to leave your mental comfort zone that has insulated you from the truth or facts, what scary is that you will instill this same concept that the government is the answer into your off-springs and they will never realize their full potential and opportunities as American citizens..

    • Carl says:

      Is it any worse to presuppose that I have a drug or other addiction problem when I apply for or am hired for certain jobs?
      I still have a problem with being assumed a thief whenever I buy fast food or fuel for my car.
      How many times have you driven away without your change or were shorted a food item only to be not remembered when you go back.
      My fix for the country?
      1. Reenact the draft and add women to the list (equal rights right?)
      2. Open the borders (after all, we are a country of immigrants)
      3a. End open welfare to all except the truly needy.
      3b. Enact Workfare. (Which will include education)
      (3b will eliminate jobs that the “illegal” workers now hold as they will be staffed by workfare recipients thereby cutting down the number of people crossing the border for those jobs.)

      The surplus of funds from these programs would offset the increase in defense and education spending. The increase in tax revenue from the increased number of employed could go towards the outstanding debt.

      Main reason my plan won’t work?
      ACLU will file against the government due to draft
      ACLU will file against the government due to forced education or forced work.
      The increased number of out of work welfare administrators will create another large number of unemployed. Talk about to big to fail?

  21. Bruce in South Africa says:

    What a WONDERFUL article. I live in South Africa where about 25 – 30% of the population live on Gov’t grants & many of the senior civil servants live a life of luxury due to their political party affiliations and their perks like cell phone, credit cards, luxury cars and expens accounts, not to mention the proceeds of their side-lines including tender rigging etc.

    Please dear author of the article look at the South African scene & give us your thoughts on how you as an ‘independent observer’ see our situation and what you’d do.

  22. Hary Puente-Duany says:

    Good job, and I agree, if it was not theirs to give, then you wouldn’t have unemployment, because there would be employment all around. I do not hold it against individuals that collect unemployment legitimately, nor if they receive food stamps legitimately, but I do not have it in my heart to agree to welfare, since I don’t see where it is legitimate from the start. I also do not see where the government has the authority to take my taxes (and yes I’m in the 47% of Americans that pay taxes) and use them to provide contraceptives, or to deny prayer in schools, etc. In other words where my conscience is involved. And Mr. Vasquez, with all due respect, I never took unemployment, even when I was ‘entitled’ to it, I found another job, even if it was lesser pay. Eso es lo que hacemos los Hispanos.

    • Jose says:

      I will say that admire that but of what I have seen a lot of Hispanics get their green cards and apply for food stamps and all they can get for free! I am a TEXICAN by birth and have no animosity towards the Hispanics that come to our country legally! However, the few make a bad impression for all! We never accepted welfare, food stamps, or unemployment. We worked and took care of ourselves! Of five brothers one is a retired Federal Officer, one is retired from ATT, one is employed by a large company, one has his own company and the last and younger one is a retired Judge!

  23. FreeBeing says:

    5 or 6 years ago, I was saying everything that you say here. These are not “normal” times. Lots of people who never thought they would need it are having to rely on “assistance.” I am one of them.

    By the way, I worked my tail off for over 20 years. When the housing/mortgage crisis hit me & my health took a dive soon after, I had to resort to being on assistance. That’s some of MY money I am getting back. If life were perfect, things would work the way they should. I SHOULD have been able to rely on savings and investments I built up over years, but, guess what? I tried using those to save my home and everything I had..

    People who never worked might be using YOUR money & mine, but I know that I am using just a small part of what I have paid into for years.

    I hope that you or your loved ones aren’t ever in the situation I find myself (temporarily) in. It’s easy to talk tough until you get hit by things you cannot control.

    I’m not excusing the people who do “work” the system; I am asking that you have some compassion for those who aren’t. Getting help this way is the hardest thing I have ever had to do, trust me.

    May God bless and keep both you & those who are dealing with tough times.

    • Jose says:

      I am not against the needy and people like yourself, But I am adament against the freeloaders in our country! They are not only lazy but are of all races! The bleeding heart people in our government continue to give out to undeserved people all kinds of handouts! Like the Legal resident aliens, it used to be that they could not get ANY aid for the first five years they immigrate! But now they not only get food stamps and welfare but free houseing and Medical coverage! We are taking steps back instead of forward!

  24. Bill L says:

    I don’t think her ideas go far enough. Why limit these measures to people who get aid for basic subsistance? I think everyone who gets gov’t money should be subjected to these or similar restrictions. Corporations (who are now people?) should also have strict guidelines to follow. Same goes for farm aid, medical aid, universities, researchers et al. If they don’t want to follow strict guidelines, then they don’t get the welfare (grants?) check to support them. What? You say then they can’t compete in this world economy? Tough, that’s capitalism. Let them pull themselves up by their bootstraps if they want to survive!

  25. Michael Elliot says:

    I think Dan wrote the letter himself.

  26. John says:

    Dear author, Please tell me when you are moving to Ohio so I can join your campaign and rally the populace to vote you into office.


  27. Wow what an interesting concept. Kind of like the islands they would put Lepers on. Just so you know, not all people on government assistance are there for the reasons you speak of. I gave 9 years to a company and busted my hump (and Back) for them. When I could not work due to herniated discs, I recieved help until i got back to work. Lets just be clear that we do not understand every circumstance so to deny the right to VOTE, based on your criteria would not only be ludicrous, it would be downright Stupidity. Yes I agree on the food stamps. I would prefer to have been able to buy toilet paper with mine even though I could buy soda and ice cream. Neither of those does quite the same job as toilet paper. I see your only 21 so you may not fully understand why these programs exist. YES there are a lot who abuse it and I agree that you should have to work for what you get and not make it a career. But there are better ways to solve this I am sure. Denying the right to VOTE is certainly NOT the way (voter I applaud you for your insight and for speaking up. Most people your age (from what I have seen) just sit back and expect the world to come to them. Even those who have a job. The generations pass and each has it’s issues. We need not lump everyone into the same catagory as if doing these few simple things might make things all better. What about the soldier with the severe brain trauma who recieved that injury so that you can keep your right to speak your mind. Will you deny him the assistance he and his family need AND the right to Vote! Or should he GET A JOB TOO! What about the corporate wall street banker who WASTES the money of innocent people, for some of them their life savings on Bad Bets (Called GAMBLING). Should HE still Be able to vote? Or the CEO who ships the jobs that some of these people on “government subsistance” use to have overseas so his bonus will be larger. Oh I suppose it is OK for HIM to vote isn’t it. Before you decide that you can save the world. Grow up and learn a few things about what the World is about. NOT JUST YOUR WORLD, the real world! Maybe step away from the news on FOX and travel around and see what life is like in America. Not just your corner of it!

  28. TJ says:

    The author made some valid and in-valid points… and for the most part I agree whole-heartedly with the writer. For many years now and more so recently, many folks have ass-u-me -d that they DESERVED all things great while doing nothing in return for them. In fact many teenagers in today’s America believe this to be a standard procedure for their passage into adult-hood (notice I did NOT say all?). It does not seem to matter anymore what financial / economical level you once were considered to be in – if you are NOT in upper government positions with their private sector retirement’s and other special incomes that ALL tax payers pay for, you’re missing the boat. I am a college graduate, there are times where I forget to use proper spelling and words for their proper placement…not because I am stupid, but because the AMERICAN language is very diverse, and how we speak in person with our accents (don’t try to deny this every state has one, as does every section of this country), not to mention the different dialects of others who have migrated here for the American Dream.

    With that said

    The point of the writer in my HOO is that some of the younger generations are finally taking note to what my generation has known was coming for years and that is the “nest egg” is gone, period, end of story. What they want now is for every person who is in THIS COUNTRY to stand up and take account for their part of the responsibility of giving back what long generations before us had, and that being hard working people with a leg to stand-on. the proverbial nest-egg, to not have to work forty plus hour days seven days a week, and not be able to enjoy a steak dinner once in a while. Can anyone of you say that you don’t want it to be different than it is now? Honestly? The writer seems to be saying that she has had enough, and that it is past time that we stand-up together and start taking back what was once our GREAT Country instead of lolling gagging about on the sidelines with our hands out saying “give-me” and start saying GIVE-ME-BACK! She is rallying a war cry for AMERICANS to take back what the government has felt the need to SOCIALIZE and ALLOW LAZINESS to continue because they benefit from it. Look at all the different countries over the centuries (since 1700’s) who came here, why they came here, and what their country(ies) weren’t offering, and how much we are now much more similar to those countries than we were once different from… As I stated I am a college graduate…I didn’t get there by scholarship, I didn’t get there right out of high school, no grants, and no free ride. I had to work to earn money to save money to attend college in my late 30’s – yep you read that right in my middle adult years. I had to save for my book money, my class supply money, for my class fees, for my lab fees, for gas / bus ride /car-pool seat… It sucked, and it still does because in my mid40’s I still have to work so I can go back to college to get my AA, BA, and/or MA to get any reasonable paying position in the educational field – and that isn’t even in the Professor side of education…that’s just to be a Pre-school / Kindergarten Teacher… right now I can’t even get a job at a greeter in the local store’s because I am “OVER” qualified, but I am “UNDER” qualified for many other educational / office positions… and there aren’t a whole lot of companies willing to train their new hire’s let alone long-term employee’s. In fact many companies are hiring “off shore” employees. So while you all are pissing and moaning about someone’s incorrect spelling – using your free speech rights, and wasting that valuable time of change for the better, many others are over the spelling issue, and are attempting to use their valuable free speech rights to make a CHANGE for the better in this country, and that my fellow posters is what the writer was attempting to accomplish… CHANGE
    I’m jumping off my soap box now, and getting back to my real life and trying to make a better change. I don’t care if you feel the need to attack me and my comments, that’s your choice, and a well wasted one.

  29. augestwest says:

    Without reading all of these comments I think most of you got off the original reason we are talking about this. FACT, Some 21 year old woman makes a statement saying that if it were up to her she would change the medicare, Medicaid system. Some of her resolutions are sound but most of it is a bunch of bull. I collect Social Security after working for well over 35 years and that was on the book, I started working at age 12. after having several surgical procedures to my back and both knees I just cannot work any longer, there are some mental factors involved also. Fact is how I spend the money I get is my business and no one else’s. How a young person like this could have any idea of what life has in store for her is amazing. I just hope she doesn’t get into a car accident or something like that and ends up needed that state or federal government to help her survive because it sounds to me like she would no except any money. Good Luck with your dream.

  30. charleskr says:

    A long time ago, there was an earnest plea from a “FAMILY with Lymes Disease.” Most of the material contained in the family’s blog appealing for help is contained in the “Put me in charge” e-mails. As the multitude of comments about this e-mail attest, this 21 year old female either “has a great plan!” or has been bashed around for that plan and it’s solutions. This lady’s opinion ONLY agrees with a newspaper article in the Waco Tribune-Herald.

    The author of this opinion letter, not a real plan with real solutions, has already identified himself as Alfred W. Evans in his letter to the Waco Tribune-Herald and is also posted in this discussion. He also wrote to and SILENCEDOGOOD2010’S BLOG, which was reposted on BlackShards, and thanked them for posting his letter. “I googled “Put me in charge” and found it on many sites. Thanks again for getting what I consider common sense out to the people.” This 21 year old female is receiving credit for your plan and your solution, Mr. Evans. Most of the heat and derogatory remarks are directed toward her and not to you, Mr. Evans. Do you care that this is happening? Why do you allow this to continue on this way? Better her than you? Some military operations use intelligence and deception to accomplish their mission. Food for thought. More on this further down below.

    To read more, see my posted comments on the Amazon discussion “Put Me In Charge!” This is the link to those comments.

    You may also want to visit The Veterans’ Voice at

    The following articles are from the
    “Gatesville man surprised letter to the editor is an Internet phenomenon,” dated February 26, 2012 at
    “LETTERS: Readers sound off on Alfred W. Evans, oil drilling,” dated March 3, 2012, at

    Charles Kranichfelt

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