Contributed by: Dan Sorkin

These are great. Please pass them along, especially to your older e-mail friends. Most of the wisdom expressed in these old WWII posters can be applied to our present day crises and situations.

What happened to this kind of thinking?

I got a lump in my throat when I read this.

I grew up believing that
Patriotism is the AMERICAN way!
I’m glad to see somebody saved them.
The statement at the end says it all!

SEPTEMBER 11, 2001!

~ These were our parents ~
What, in God’s name, have we let happen?

I guess we are the last generation to see,

or even remember anything like these!

Whatever happened?

Political correctness (or “re-education”) happened,

Lack of God’s name happened,

Lack of personal responsibility happened,

Lack of personal integrity and honesty happened,

Lack of respect and loyalty to our country happened,

Lack of being an American happened.

Did all of these things die along with common sense?!

I, for one, am still proud to be an


If you are, too . . . pass this along,
so others can show their pride.
In English please!


Forwarded by

Dan Sorkin
Chief Stump

The trouble with quotes over the Internet

is that you never know if they are genuine.

…Abraham Lincoln

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  1. Tom says:

    Let me get this straight … if I don’t believe what you believe (that Obama is the problem, English only is the answer, etc.) — if I am progressive who believes in things you don’t see to believe in (like a social safety net, a questioning electorate, etc.) then I’m not American. Despite the fact I served in the Army, put my hand over my heart when the flag passes, revere military folks for their service, and love my country (just want to make it better) I’m unpatriotic and not an American. I hope that’s not what you are saying but it is what I’m hearing … especially from the folks who passed along, verbatim, what you have printed with these wonderful posters.

    • Pick/***** says:

      The short version, if you are a Progressive Socialist, you are not an American who believes in and ready to die for the salvation of our US Constitutional Republic and its US Constitution! I did not see in your response where you FAITHFULLY swore an oath to protect and defend the US Constitution taking it to heart, to your dying breath! I suggest you go to all the various Veteran Organizations and speak your peace to all of them and see what you receive in the form of Brotherhood!

      I am the first to thank all who serve and have served our nation and will give them respect for that sacrifice, but how they live their lives off the battle field is where real respect come in and it isn’t handed to anyone as it has to be earned and Obama hasn’t earned a damn bit of respect, as he has only created animosity to outright disgust and hatred for all his actions in degrading this nation and the People of it! He is having a time of his life tearing to shreds what has taken centuries to build!
      I have worked with Veterans directly for over twenty years, and you sir, do not reflect the ideals of those who I have had the honor of being in company of!
      I volunteered to serve my country during Vietnam and was rejected due to a childhood spinal cord injury and I can tell you this my sorry legs are damned better than the lot of Socialist Liberals all put together!
      I have fought for our Military and Veterans from the day I was rejected and will die doing so while you with your Progressive Socialist ideals will always forgive those who copped out of serving by acting as if they were homosexuals as I went through the induction line twice trying to get in and having to stand beside guys wearing women’s underwear, listened to the lies of those who swore they have CHANGEd their religious faiths the like so Cassius Clay, all who tried to claim being a Conscientious Objector, and watched as our government spend millions upon millions of dollars to send agents into Canada, Mexico, and South America to bring back cowards running from the draft, listened to Judges tell people, “Got to Jail or go to war” That is not being the backbone of the American Society that guarantees we will remain who we are so long as we stand and die to defend our freedom from oppression and oppression inone of its forms is SOCIALISM, Progressive or otherwise!
      Screw ups and arrogant fools, we have had many but none, other than Carter, has tried to sabotage the foundation of this nation!!!
      We have and had men and women of all beliefs and opinions as to what they believe in and who.
      The fact that the ones who like yourself who have sworn to PROTECT AND DEFEND THE US CONSTITUTION either has real meaning to you or you lied when you took the oath.
      A Progressive is a Socialist, Socialism is what over a million of men and women who have also served to keep out of this nation’s governing system as it is what we left behind and ventured into a world that was virtually unknown and no knowledge what they would be facing but knew it was better than being oppressed with limited freedoms and a lot of intrusions.
      All who opposed our colonies becoming an independent nation and remain loyal to the crown never saw the benefit of a free republic where people regulate their nation not a sole person as the King or Queen or Dictator which Obama is dreaming of and you can see the drool running down the side of his mouth!
      You say you are a progressive which means you are a socialist who whether or not you have ancestry for the colonist or not, you are carrying on the opposition to our being a republic and wanting to return to that which we left along with every other immigrant who left their home land to build a better life and have real freedom!
      Clinton tried to create an all liberal military by giving early outs to tens of thousands and later started to rebuild our military by volunteers who passed the liberal test.
      Being you are a Progressive Socialist and you day you have served our country in defense of the People and the Republic, now… Are you ready to turn your weapon on your own people for the sake of Socialism in overthrowing our US Constitutional Republic!?
      The Law of the Nation, the US Constitution, is not up for debate from Administration to Administration!
      Those who absolutely do not care for our Conservative approach of working for what you receive and the giving of charity from your heart, not by force from a government that the People have elected!
      It is human nature to and to “CHANGE” that which someone else has created as their ego overrides the overall effect of the compromise between the pros and cons, but too much one sidedness is dangerous to the overall population.
      You and all others who do not care for living under a Constitutional Republic to save a lot of animosity and possible conflict need to really consider seriously of packing it in and return to the nation you and or your ancestry came or the nation of your choice that appeals to your ideals!
      When it comes to overthrowing a nation’s government it DOES NOT COME DOEN TO A VOTE, it comes down to the number of Patriots are willing to defend their ideals with their lives as have those before us.
      Any who are against the US Constitutional Republic and its US Constitution is virtually a traitor.
      There have been compromises which have resulted in US Constitutional Amendments, but when those who want to completely CHANGE the ways of this nation’s government just does not work for the majority
      We have been slowly converted through socialist legislation where the People are forced to fend for others who may or may not have a legitimate reason for contributing to their own welfare and that of their families!
      Social Welfare has gotten so out of hand that it has become a way of life not just for some individuals but for whole families and whole generations!
      People get tired of working their “A” off taking care of others who are perfectly capable of doing their part and so they too decide to sit on their “A”… Slowly the nation dies!
      Obama is pulling his Executive Order Bull crap at every turn so he can try and set his self-up to take over this nation and convert it into what he calls a Democratic Socialist System of Government!
      His last two Executive Orders with the NDAA and the NDRP is blatantly nothing short of preparation for an overthrow and he has been steadily working at it from day one and just maybe that is why all his PROMISES that he made never has been delivered, not even to the Minority who he blew so much smoke up their “A” that they once believed he was the Messiah and the only ones who still so say believe in him are the ones with their hands out and the conspirators who are pushing for Socialism!
      Obama has been more arrogant than all prior Presidents dating from JFK all balled up into one!
      It is good he doesn’t walk in a down pour without an umbrella otherwise he would drown from the rain pouring into his up turned nose! Even the definition of a narcissist doesn’t define him as the only word he himself relates to, is GOD!
      With you attitude all I can say is pick you target and brush up on your performance as this nation will not be overthrown by a bunch of, Big Mouthed Bleeding Heart Liberals who have their head in the clouds searching for Utopia and their Asses planted on the ground refusing to stand for all the crap they spit out!
      You want a Progressive Socialist Nation… FIGHT FOR IT…SIMPLE AS THAT… as for the American Patriots loyal to the US Constitutional Republic and its US Constitution, we have been prepped and waiting for the day someone as stupid as Obama and his backers to try and squash our way of life with their thumbs!
      It is going to take all eight fingers and two thumbs or whatever number of they have to do the job!!!
      Obama can blow his whistle any time he wants and implement his attempt at Marshall Law as he isn’t going up against a band of criminals and low lives, he is going up against an entire nation who are within their RIGHT TO DEFEND THEOIR NATION FROM TYRANTS AND TRAITORS!!!
      He will not have the cooperation of all the States National Guard, nor the State and Local Law Enforcement, neither will he have the full range of the American Military as I have conducted surveys of my own by speaking to active Servicemen and women from the day Obama was suspected to obtain the nomination of President through a lot of corruption in votes and actual legal qualifications!
      The People are extremely tired of debating and even more tired of listening to a bunch of wimps crying and idiots talking out their ”A”!!! The time has come to put up or shut up!
      When Obama blows his whistle… there will be a resounding blast of the bugle and it will take nearly a century if not more to recover the damage and losses!!!
      Reconstruction after the American Revolution and Civil War combined will not compare!
      You are in line with those who believe in the New world Order which I personally believe has been taken way out of context that of its origin with George Washington and the Free Masons! Too many opinions and ideas have gotten mixed into the pot and reality no longer prevails, only the thrill of wielding power in an attempt to control an entire planet to which the inhabitants are so far diverse in their way of religion and belief in their way of governing their own it will virtually be impossible to achieve less you single out all who oppose the NOW and are summarily executed! The People cannot breed perfect human beings that have the mentality to work together, progress together, live together, and not attempt to overpower the other or impose their opinions and beliefs! There will never be an end to diseases that kill tens of millions a year, there is not going to be a perfect system that prevents accidents that kill and maim people!
      Utopia is for reality cop outs who haven’t the backbone to stand and produce a better society but rather demand others do it for them and SHARE THE WEALTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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