AZ High School Students Chain Themselves to Desks to Protest ‘Mexican-American Studies’ Change

Everyone knows Teens and younger have ALWAYS REVOLTED against their parents and the System thinking they knew better!

Their ambition was commendable to actually use their brains in thinking of a better way to accomplish everything during their era.

It was up to the parents and teachers to listen, make comparisons that would either disprove their ideas and offer alternatives, then there were the times the kids were right on the money and that is how progress and innovation comes about!!! The days of the youth working their brains for something other than to achieve for their own personal benefit as they do today, you have a very few. In the day it was instilled in you that it was an obligation of everyone to make progress thus contributing to their country’s future!! Today the country seems to be teaching Liberalism more so than self pride and dignity instead of resorting to being dependent upon the government for their future!!!


AZ High School Students Chain Themselves to Desks to Protest ‘Mexican-American Studies’ Change

Posted on April 28, 2011

by Jonathon M. Seidl

Is this what the leftists had in mind when they called on the youth of the nation to rise up?

A Group of rowdy high school students chained themselves to desks at the local school board chambers in order to protest a curriculum change. They chanted, screamed, and banged their hands on the desks for two hours, preventing the meeting from taking place.

What deserved such an outburst?

According to KSAZ-TV, the students are upset that the board is considering no longer allowing a Mexican-American history class — a class that teaches history from a Mexican-American perspective — to substitute for the required U.S. history class:

As KSAZ explains, the class is being reconsidered because it may violate the following state “ethnic studies” class guidelines:

The news outlet reports:

A state law passed in December basically discouraged the classes, saying they segregate students. And this group of students wanted no part of it.

They took over the room, chanted “fight back,” and basically ran the governing board out of the meeting.

Security tried to come in and tried to take the students away, but many of them apparently chained themselves together.

This isn’t over though. The governing board is going to re-schedule its meeting to decide the fate of the classes.


We’ve come across shocking excerpts from curriculum. You can views those in a follow-up story here.

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