These photos are priceless… Where have these pics been hiding for the past 65 years? …… Here is why these guys were called “The Greatest Generation” — and they were…

Each man who has been to war will tell you War is Hell on matter that war it is!

In the days before all the modern technologies they had to improvise as to how they could make the weapons more useful than the manual expresses!!!

Everyday people who have never served have to give it to those who have that it takes a special breed of man and woman to do what they and have done and will tell you they will do it again no matter their age!!!

You can’t get but very little commitment from civilians but there are a great number of Patriots who will stand up and when the time comes to!!!


Contributed by: Dan Sorkin

Here is why these guys were called “The Greatest Generation” — and they were…***********************************************************************

Where have these pics been hiding for the past 65 years?

Japanese Kawanishi H8K seaplane after strafing. Kwajalein

Squad of Rufe’s at Bougainville . These things were very nimble even with the pontoons.

The A6M2-N float plane version of the Zero did extremely well, suffering only a small loss in its legendary maneuverability. Top speed was not affected, however, the aircraft’s relatively light armament was a detriment.

Snow on deck. USS Philippine Sea North Pacific 1945

HARVS on the way in shot by a P-47. Rare shot.

Deck crew climbing up to get the pilot out. He did. That’s a fuel tank his foot is on. Empty?

Marines disembark LST at Tinian Island .




Outside Bastogne

German 280mm K5 firing


U.S. munitions ship goes up during the invasion of Sicily .


Spitfire “tipping-off” a V1. If you’ve never heard of this insane tactic …….

At first V1’s were shot down by gunfire. Optimum range was inside 200yds, which was marginal for survival. Many planes were damaged and quite a few pilots killed. Basically at such high speed and low altitude a plane had to fly though the explosion and hope.

With the high risk of being blown up some of the best pilots started tipping the V1’s wing, because of damage to wing tips they later developed a tactic of disrupting the aitflow by placing their wing very close to the V1’s wing, causing it to topple.

Not every pilot did this. At night this was not possible, the flame from the V1 blinded the pilot to everything else, though some Mossie pilots flew past closely in front of the V1, again causing it to topple. The thought of doing this at 450mph, 4,000 feet above the ground, at night and being blinded gives me the willies.

Panzerkampfwagen VI “E Tiger”

Ju 88 loading a torpedo. This is one HUGE bomber … and it’s on pontoons!!!!


German “KARL” motars. Sebastopol

Reloading a KARL


Macchi 202v

Italian 303 Bombers over N Africa


December 7th, 1941


December 7th, 1941

Share this with ALL ages…Elderly will remember; Young will be awed.

Forwarded by

Dan Sorkin
Chief Stump

One of the penalties of not participating in politics

is that you will be governed by your inferiors.


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4 Responses to These photos are priceless… Where have these pics been hiding for the past 65 years? …… Here is why these guys were called “The Greatest Generation” — and they were…

  1. Tony Davies says:

    Awesome heres to the memory of them all those who made it home and the ones who made the greatest sacrifice and did not make it back

  2. Excellent hi9story lesson,, not (yet) given to our next generation who will face new ‘bad guys’. I was old enough to read all the weekly LIFE Magazines full of WW II photos. Where are the war photos today? Who are the new ‘Nazis’? Whop listens to entertaining lies on the boob tube, instead of searching the internet for the truth … while we still can?

  3. thomas e heaney jr says:

    great photos ,of a time when this country came togeather,to help this country,and the world return to a safer place for all,to take a stand for god and country,to rid the world of tyranny,its sad ,but i dont think it would ever happen again,we are a different country now,at that time ,and now they were,and still are in my eyes ,THE GREATEST GENERATION,,
    some one once said,man is destin to repeat the mistakes of history,beacuse man doesnt learn from history

  4. Dick St. Romain says:

    At 74 years old, I can say that when ever I had to struggle, had to take risks to do something worth while & productive: college, leave home for great job in manufacturing w. Westinghouse, escort killed American military w. Patriot Guard Riders, volunteer to train & patrol for Local Sheriff, raise money for CASA, I always feel like a BETTER AMERICAN! I can only imagine how full of pride, self worth & patriotic all these great Americans that fought so many wars to KEEP AMERICA FREE, like my son, Garrick St. Romain has done with 3 tours in Middle East with the Army National Guard. I feel a DUTY & MUST continue to be productive, contribute to my country & volunteer to honor the 1,219,479 courageous & brave Americans who died fighting 35 wars since America was created by our ancestors.
    Dick St. Romain
    Father of National Guard Soldier

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