Up Coming Legislation!

Have we not had the law against “Insider Trading” on the books for some time now!?

OH, that’s right… The government employees and legislators are exempt and protected by immunity from any crimes!!!

Anyone remember Hilary getting her chops busted for her Inside Trading”, we all know what happened there… NOTHING!!! We need to start from the top and work our way down to the very bottom of Federal, State and Municipal members and employees cleaning House and replace as we go with clean background checked people!!!



Upcoming Votes
Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act of 2012 – S.2038

The Senate is scheduled to take up this bill to ban members and aides from trading stocks using information learned through the course of their duties.

Fiscal Responsibility and Retirement Security Act of 2011 – H.R.1173

The House is scheduled to take up this bill repealing the CLASS Act, a provision in the health care law intended to provide long-term care to seniors.

Pro-Growth Budgeting Act of 2011 – H.R.3582

This House bill would require the Congressional Budget Office to take into account the effect a bill might have on the economy when analyzing a bill.

Baseline Reform Act of 2011 – H.R.3578

This House bill would stop the Congressional Budget Office from incorporating inflation projections into their bill analysis.

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2 Responses to Up Coming Legislation!

  1. marieagrace says:

    How about this:) In your upcoming Legislative bill put this one in for the vast magority who are against abortion as I am. If I have to pay for something I do not believe in then I want to collect my share from income taxes because I am supporting people that don’t even live with me and I don’t know so this must be a charity thing I want to file this charity in my income tax.If enough people did this or had a bill passed for this the government would not fund this murderous program,what do you think? Chaplain Nancy

    • Pick/***** says:

      People have their own ideas about abortion and I’m surprised to hear as many from the Left as I do that are against it, yet their Idol Obama has the Death Panel for old folk and terminally ill in his ObamaCare!!!
      His private military which he also included should be rather hard to explain how that pertains to one’s health less the possibility if you do not conform to his new government your health will be rather poorly and filled with lead!!!
      Our country has met some fierce challenges during the course of its life and we have faired the bad weather and come out on top shining and this too we shall defeat and put behind us as we are a Constitutional Republic and we have been independent far too long as to allow Obama and his crew to turn the tide with their Socialism!
      No one, less a few who do not mind, care to be having to forcefully fend for all others who choose not to work and choose to make large families to increase their federal allowances!!!
      My youngest son once sais all the rich should be made to give their money to the poor, well somewhere along the line he CHANGEd his mind ever since he has had his own business and living in Palm City FL in one of those high dollar neighborhood with his indoor pool!!!
      When people acquire money their attitudes CHANGE very quickly!!!

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