An Utterly Disgrace of a President!

We burn a couple Korans…Obama apologizes…They murder two of our unarmed soldiers… No One Apologizes; No One expresses remorse or sorrow!!!

Just how much more and longer are we going to simply stand aside and allow all these travesties to continue!?

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2 Responses to An Utterly Disgrace of a President!

  1. joe from tampa says:

    i truly regret voting for this man.

    • Pick/***** says:

      Well at least you are brave and honest in admitting you voted for the man and that he disappointed you as well as the entire nation!
      For someone to come out of the wood work with no one knowing anything about him, other than his constitutents back in IL, and even then, having all his history locked away should have been enough to alarm most anyone!
      The only thing we can hope for now is that he isn’t re-elected by those who know he has no intention of delivering what he promised to everyone other than his hidden agenda where his idea of “CHANGE” has a entirely different definition! He and those disloyal to the US Constitution are trying to dissolving our US Constitutional Republic and replacing it with a Democratic Socialist Nation as he told the nation when he was visiting Kansas last year!
      So like I said if he gets re-elected then there will be a great controversy that will not be settled with words!

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