A nation without borders!

We keep playing politics when there is no one faithful on either side to rely upon to do what they were employed to do!

The two sides act like they are fighting to give some sense confidence for the people try and believe in as they are supposed to be on opposite sides of the isle, when in all reality, they are all in it together to clean out the pockets of as many Americans Tax Payers as possible before the country falls into which ever group who is willing to pay the highest price!

The wealthy seem to think their money can buy them anything or any position within a government. Drug Cartels and their distributors have long since resolved that myth as they not only sell their products they will in turn kill those who purchase their product, take their product back, take what amount of money the victim has on their person, dump the body and continue onto the next customer! Now you can employ body guards if you have plenty of money but there will be someone with a little more money that can employ even more body guards to overpower yours,…and the beat goes on!!!
How does that saying go… oh yea!… Those with the most toys, wins!!!

The drug cartels have more money than the entre Mexican government, they pay better even to where all the Mexican Military and police take their government issued weapons and go join up with the cartels! Like the man mentions here in his article our government is seemingly to be ran by a similar system where the elitist who have all the money and power controls the government and is allowing for the nation’s demise. You can’t very well protect your interest when there are no regulations to keep threats at arm’s length from you!?

It all appears to be a bit confusing as generally when there are plots to over throw governments they have an idea as to what they expect as a result of their victory, but here in our situation it is a battle between several totally different ideals who believe they can do a better job of running this nation, so when the day of reckoning it will be a total state of chaos as it will be hard to discern who is on whose side and fighting for what!?

We have fifty States whose governors have taken on the role of supporting the Socialist/Progressive President thereby on their own make plans to convert their individual States into which ever group that appeals to them, as is in the case of SociObama and his movement to secure a Democratic Socialist nation, words directly from his mouth to the fine folks of Kansas!!!

Secretary of State Hillary along with our presiding President and accompanying them both, our Senate with a lame Congress are conspiring to sign a gun ban treaty with all within the UN to create a plan of taking our weapons away from the people thereby immediately turning the weapons owners into slaves of the government and working them far more to the extreme than who cowardly succumb with no resistance.

The USA is an open market for any opportunist of the worst kind, not the ones who seek to improve their lifestyle and that of their nation. It will be one massive Ball of Confusion once the nation breaks down and the various powers deciding which are going to be the ruling party!

So at this point in time of uncertainty, no one really knows who will come out on top!

One thing I can say about the various groups, political or otherwise, the only ones that are loyal to their cause without having to worry if their fellow man will turn their weapon on them, are the American Patriots Loyal to the US Constitution and its Republic as well as the other being the Muslim Nation of Islam, all others will cut and run or bargain for their positions in life, their portion of the profits, and their very lives, the other two will fight to the death as they honestly believe in their cause to the point of sacrificing their lives for the sake of their cause, and the one deciding factor that separates the Muslims from the Patriots is, the Patriots have a more loving, forgiving, and peaceful God, whereas the Muslim God demands total servitude from their believers or death, they live and rule by intimidation alone!!!

Just like Ronald Reagan said about in not having controlled borders that you have no country, for it leaves a territory wide open for grabs, sorta like the Oklahoma Land Rush, you can claim all you want so long as you can control and hold onto it!!!

A nation without borders

Posted by Judson Phillips on March 1, 2012

Ronald Reagan once said, “A nation without borders is not a nation.”  The open borders crowd has been working overtime for the last twenty-five years to erase American borders. 

Have they reduced America to “not a nation?”

In many ways yes, and those chickens are coming home to roost. 

The government will not release the statistics but Representative John Culberson did.  Of almost 330,000 illegals caught on the US-Mexico border, 77% were not prosecuted. 

 Almost four out of five were just let go.  They were sent back over the border to try it again in a day or two.   Those statistics are just for those caught at the border.   The Obama regime has been ignoring Immigration since he took office and the Regime is doing everything it can to fight states that are trying to protect their citizens. 

The dangers from unrestricted and uncontrolled immigration are clear.  Not only are there issues of drugs and violence coming across the border, we have to deal with the real issue of terrorism.

Terrence Jeffrey, in an op-ed yesterday, pointed out what a joke immigration has become.  Two weeks ago, the FBI arrested a Moroccan illegal alien who wanted to make jihad on America and was going to go to the Capital to do it.

The drive by media dutifully reported the story, burying the fact that the terrorist was in the country illegally. This terrorist had been in this nation illegally since 1999, two years before 9/11. 

The simplest way to stop his interest in jihad would have been to deport him years ago. Neither the Bush administration nor the Obama regime has been interested in enforcing immigration. 

 In the Middle East, Iran and Israel grow closer to war and Iran is threatening to hit targets not only in Israel but also in Europe and even in America.  Writing in The Daily Caller, a former CIA operative in Iran’s Revolutionary Guards who writes under the pseudonym of Reza Kahilli says that Iran has the assets in America to mount attacks inside America.
How could this happen?

Because there is the real possibility there are Hezbollah cells here in America.

How could Hezbollah have cells here in America?  Well for starters, it defies belief to think that our enemies have not smuggled terrorists through the southern border.    Some of them may have even come through legal immigration.  American immigration policies are insane.  We bring in people who have no ability to support themselves.  We bring in people who do not want to be Americans but simply want to take advantage of our system.   We even have a lottery to let people into this country.  Even Iranians are eligible to be included in the “diversity lottery.”

For years, even decades now, many of us have been warning about the consequences of an open border and an insane and out of control immigration system. 

 Now we may see the consequences of those actions.

 If we in fact have terrorist attacks in this country, you can bet the drive by media is going to bury the facts about how the terrorists got into this country.

 But if we do have terrorist attacks in this country, it will be time to hold accountable those whose policies will have made those attacks possible.

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