Disappearing Democrats

This is no news really as we have always known the Democrats, more so the Liberals, have no loyalty and will abandon ship at the drop of a hat as they bear conscience in leaving their fellow man standing alone and another of their characteristics, they definitely bear no loyalty to their constituents!!!Pick/*****

 Disappearing Democrats

by Judson Posted onMarch 1, 2012

The Democrats have developed a new strategy they use whenever they are now in the minority and do not like what the Republicans are doing.

They have used it with some success up until now.

What is it?

They disappear.

They did it in Wisconsin and Indiana. Now they are doing it in Iowa.

The citizens of Iowa decided the Republican Party better represented the values of Iowa voters so they gave the GOP not only a majority but a super majority in the Legislature.
The GOP brought up a number of bills they promised they would, including an amendment to the Iowa Constitution guaranteeing the right to bear arms. The Party of Treason had a fit about it and acted like three year olds who do not get their way.

From the Business Insider:
Jason Clayworth and Jason Noble report for the Des Moines Register that Democratic legislators have fled–literally run away– from today’s legislative session to an undisclosed location.

Iowa Democrats were surprised that Republican pulled out a gun-rights bill for consideration, and left the state capitol rather than debate it on the spot.
Republican majority had planned to debate today that critics contend would make the state part of the “Wild, Wild West.”
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy accused House Leader Linda Upmeyer of failing to properly inform legislators about planned debate today on the bills. The short notice hindered Democrats from offering amendments to improve the bills, McCarthy said.
Last year, Democratic legislators in Wisconsin and Indiana both fled their states to avoid votes that would alter the status of public-sector unions.

This is the Democrat Party at work. They do not care what the people want and certainly have no desire to protect the rights of the citizens.

Instead of doing their job, they fled.

Fortunately for the citizens of Iowa, they had the good sense to make the Democrats such a minority party that even when they fled they could not stop the Legislature from conducting business.
Despite the disappearing Democrats, it looks like freedom is advancing in Iowa!

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