Scalia to Obama’s Solicitor General on ObamaCare: ‘We’re Not Stupid’!

The disappointing and actually disgusted as to the fact Kagan did not recluse herself and it is clearly a conflict of interest and Obama placed her in the Supreme Court for her major role as Solicitor General in getting ObamaCare up and rolling…. She does not belong on the panel of Judges and Congress should have pressed the issue!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have to give Scalia a standing ovation but then again he has one Hell of a opposition on the Bench as some real RADICALS have been placed where SUPREME DECISIONS are made and there should be NO BIAS on the BENCH but there sure as Hell is and with that and the result being an unbalanced Judiciary that is unjust for ALL of AMERICA!
In the end we just may find JUSTICE will have to be received between the honesty of the People and the Truth of God!
Today the Supreme Court has the appearance and tone of a high court in CHICAGO with Capone on the Bench!!!!!!

Vision to America

The Daily Caller

 Written on March 27, 2012 by V2A

Scalia to Obama’s Solicitor General on ObamaCare: ‘We’re Not Stupid’
While Solicitor General Donald Verrilli Jr. made the Obama administration’s case for the constitutionality of the individual mandate in the health care law Tuesday, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia interrupted, telling Verrilli, “We’re not stupid.”

Justice Elena Kagan, a former solicitor general appointed by President Obama to the high court, sided with Verrilli in arguing that young people should be required by the federal government to purchase health insurance because others will subsidize their health care in the future.

Scalia shot back, arguing that young people will make the decision to buy health insurance eventually and do not need to be forced by the federal government to engage in commerce.

Read the rest of the proceedings at:

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