Federal Reserve Has Been Issued Police Powers! … A Non-Federal Gov’t Entity … In Other words, a Supposed Legal Vigilantly Organization!


Day by day Our US Constitutional Rights and Bill of Rights are being dissolved by gov’t without the People’s Demands to STOP!!!!!!!!
Somewhere along the line, People, have forgotten just exactly who runs this nation… anyone remember, “We the People”?
We elect US Representatives to work on behalf of the People, NOT for Gov’t Personal Gains!
Gov’t is steadily taking over and the People are standing by and sitting by, allowing it to happen!
All of us Baby Boomers who remain loyal to the US Constitutional Republic will be gone in a few decades, if not sooner, and once those who have made damned sure the country remains in the hands of the People are gone, you will reap the spoils you have created! You are so confident that Socialism is the way, it’s the way alright… straight to the poor house for everyone who hasn’t the means to take what’s left of their personal gains and leave to where they can resettle, then watch as what’s left of the USA starve and kill each other off!
Certain groups that demand they are entitled to the other person’s wealth will sadly be awoken to the fact, those with any sense about their accomplishments remaining theirs will pack up and there will be no wealthy to leech off of and so the blood suckers will turn and feed off each other!!!
I do not wish bad things on most anyone, as there are the unscrupulous you can’t but wish they receive their just punishments, while there are others who aren’t educated enough to know what is in store for them as they depend upon others who declare they are an authority on the Principles of Life which they reference as being, Socialist, those who believe in redistribution of wealth! Don’t get the word wealth confused with People with a great amount of personal capital as when a pauper looks at anyone who has a home of their own… They are the Wealthy and so you know what that means… you “Share the Common Wealth”
Your Savior Obama Jr. is promising again the second time around that he will protect and support the “Middle Class”… well guess what, there is no Middle Class in a Socialist Nation… there are, “The Haves, and, The Have Not”
I have fought the “CHANGE” long before Obama Jr. came along! The Great Puppet set up in Office by the Insiders just so happens to be the one selected to hasten the pace whereas previously, they were working in the wood work using the method of “Gradualism”
Like the sands in the hourglass, the tickle down slow and before you know it you are swallowed up alive, entrapped with no power to resist!
The day is coming where the US Government will successfully convert the US Constitutional Republic and the Bill of Rights will be dissolved right along with the US Constitution and with that, all privately owned weapons will be confiscated and destroyed leaving the People totally defenseless to resist the “CHANGE” from having Freedoms and Liberty, to being enslaved to the gov’t just as the “Peasants” were the “Property of the King”
The American Patriots broke that chain and now the FOOLS are molding new chains to enslave their own selves!!!

Freedom Outpost

September 18, 2012 by Tim Brown

Federal Reserve Has Been Issued Police Powers

Did you know that the Federal Reserve is not a government entity?

They aren’t.

They are a private Bank that works with the federal government. However, if you know that they were also vested with police powers?

That’s right; a non-government bank has police powers via the federal government.

The USA Patriot Act of 2001, which is anything but patriotic, bestowed domestic police powers on the 12 privately owned Federal Reserve Banks.

Read the whole story:


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