Obama Prepping For War Here At Home and Not With Terrorist but With US Citizens!

This article is an Up Date to Obama’s purchases of ammunition in the billions per month from the first year of his Administration!
This would compute to five years of stock piling ammo not only for his Private Army but to also reduce the availability of ammo to the general public and simultaneously create a surge in prices putting a hardship on people with limited funds to purchase ammo.
With the projected collapse of this great nation by prominent economist and the application of mathematical equations that determines the outcome of pluses and minuses for the end results say we are past the point of recovery financially which means the collapse of the nation’s currency and therefore if you have no holdings in tangible assets that can be used as bartering for necessities in order to survive on, all your money in the banks will be worthless, and you will be SOL!
People from the cities who have no means of growing food will venture into the rural areas to find food and clean water as food from gardens and water from wells! The entire nation will come to a halt with no means of keeping all services necessary to survive operating!

Our Gov’t, long before Obama, has been building and restoring Detainment Centers for the day such an event happens and people start turning on each other in order to survive as city dwellers in particular do not know how to grow food or hunt!
Then you have to take into account, all the Human Animals who will kill and rape simply for the Hell of it as there will be little to no Law Enforcement as they will be home trying to protect their families!
So, just for the sake of passing along some knowledge Lame Liberals may not be aware of the fact Obama will not be there for you when he takes advantage of the situation and declare war on us all using his so called Authority of protecting the nation.
The ones established as to having anything to do with the Anarchy will be placed in the Detention Centers right along with all the friendly Conservatives they so detest!
Politicians will be of no use to anyone in the midst of Anarchy, in fact, all the politicians and rich Liberals will High Tail it out of the country!!!

Feds Buy Two Billion Rounds of Ammunition!

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