Some Political Quotes to Ponder!

Some Political Quotes to Ponder along with my Two Cents Worth!


Obama and Our Liberal Gov’t is Calling Patriots Who Stand
and Defend Our US Constitution and its Republic, “Terrorist”
What Do You Call Someone Who Protects Your Home, Your Family,
Your Possessions, and Your Land!?

Do the People Ever Stop and Think, Who has the Power
Over Their Lives and Their Country, the People or the Gov’t!?
It Once Was in Possession of the People, till You Gave it to the Gov’t!
You Didn’t Want the Responsibility of Taking Care the Our Land,
Certainly Not the Family, and Less for One’s Self!
Do You Think it’s Time to Take Back Your Lives and Your Country!?

Stop and Think of ALL the Laws, Resolutions, &
Executive Orders Obama is Responsible for!
What Socialist Liberal Road are We Going Down and
Where, How, Will We End Up!

Think About it, All the Entitlement Programs
are a Disguise for Destroying Our Economy & Bankrupting
Our Nation!
People, Fort Knox is Empty!
All Our Tax dollars have Been Given to Everyone but Us!
For Years I’ve Said All that’s Required to Guard Ft. Knox,
is a Little Old Man, in a Rocking Chair, Armed with a BB Gun!

Irresponsibility & No Consequences, is a Dangerous
Combination for Our Society!
Responsible People Think Twice and Even a Third Time,
Before Making, a Serious Decision!
It Can Mean the Difference Between Success or Failure,
Living Free or Being Oppressed!
Obama and All of Gov’t has Immunity from Prosecution!
All the Decisions They Make that Turn Out Bad, the People Suffer!
The Gov’t and All Who Run it, Sure as Hell Don’t!

Dignity in Working and Being Productive, Helping Your
Country’s Stability!
Dignity is Sacrificed When One, Demands,
Demands, and Demands, One Says Give Me, Give Me, Give Me!
One Says, You Owe Me, You Owe Me, You Owe Me!

Which Do You Choose, Independence or Oppression!?
Still Your Choice, but Not for Long!
Gov’t Controls Every Aspect of Your Life,
All of Us Will Work for the Gov’t, People Will Own Nothing!
It will Take from You What it Demands,
and Give You What They Want!

Obama Threatens All Who Oppose Him
as You have Found Out Here Lately!
He Tells You What You are Allowed to Do
and What You Will Not Be Allowed to Do!
If there is a Law that Gets in Way of His Path to Socialism,
He Defies and Denies it, Just as He Defies and Denies
the Voice of the People!

The Liberal and Conservative Gov’t Will Charge the American
People for All that Goes Wrong in Gov’t,
Due to the People’s Demands which the Gov’t
Can’t Produce, so They Say!
Anyone Who Buys Their Line of Bull, is Not in Touch with Reality!
Gov’t Makes the Decisions with or without the People’s Approval!
They Know, as They Wrote and Passed the Law, Giving
Them Immunity From Prosecution!
They Can’t Be Charged with Any Criminal Activity!

You Do Know What it Means to Blow Smoke Up One’s “A” Don’t You!?
The Truth, However Much it May Hurt or Embarrass a Person,
it’s More Acceptable than the Humiliation that Follows
One’s Blind Judgment to Believe without Knowing the Truth!
If it is in the Papers, it Has to be the Truth, or
if it’s from the Mouth of a Brother, There is No Other!

Once Upon a Time, Our Press was All About Honesty, Dignity,
and Unbiased Reporting!
Newspaper Editors were on Occasion Murdered for Their Printing
of the Truth, About the Corruption Throughout the Land!
Then One Day, Integrity was Sacrificed when the Media Decided
Being on the Side of the Corrupt, was More Safe and More Profitable! Integrity and Honesty was Sold Out For a Dollar!
You Still Believe All which the Media Puts Out and Don’t Question
their Facts or Those which Are Not Put Out!
Ethics No Longer Remain a Part of the Liberal Society and
it Surely Isn’t Taught in the Public Schools!
Obama’s Common Core Program in Public Schools, is Nothing
More Than Pure Programing thePromotion of Socialism!
Real Traditional American Values that Made This Nation Great,
No Longer Exist in the Public School’s Curriculums!
Gov’t has Taken the Child from Their Parents & They are
Brainwashed into Believing Socialism,
is Actually the American Way of Life!
When Those Youths Come of Age to Vote, They Vote
Accordingly to Exactly How They were,
Parent’s Willingness to Avoid Responsibility in Raising
Their Children to Be Self-Supporting & Responsible,
have Left it Up to the Gov’t to Raise Their Children
While They Kick Back and Do Their Own Thing!

Don’t You Think it’s About Time to Regain the Reins of our Gov’t and
Stay Vigilant to the laws and the Content of the Laws Intend to Pass!?
Considering All the People Who Do Not Like One Iota of being Told What to Do, There Are Far too Many Who Decided Who Can Tell Them What to Do in Order They Do Not Have to Work a Job!

You Think of All the US Constitutional Laws, the “Laws of the Land”
which Obama and His Administration Intentionally Violate on a Daily Basis Isn’t Destroying the Very Foundation of Our Nation!?!
There is a Reason for All that Obama Does and We Know Exactly What it is! The Socialist Movement being perpetrated by Obama’s Bosses,
Those Behind the New World Order are Hard at Work on,
Their World Chess Game!
You as Well as I Know, the Idea of a One World Gov’t is Pure Insanity!
There is No Way in Hell the Entire World’s Ethnicities, Races, Ideals, and Religions, Will Never Be Politically or Morally Compatible!
The Test of Such a Feat, Will Only Result in Constant Non-Stop Hostilities Amongst the Entire Populace!

All Those Who Raise Hell About Not Wanting or needing or
Can’t Afford a Photo ID, Even When the States Offer
Free ID Cards, then They Will Redirect to the Fact They Have No
Means of Transportation, Despite Their Unfaltering
Capability in Reaching the Polling Precincts
to Put in Their Vote is Totally Irrelevant!

Whether or Not You Want to Believe that ObamaCare is Nothing
More than a System for Recording the Nation’s Entire Population
in Order to Determine Who is Expendable and Who Isn’t,
is Neither Here or There…
It’s Here to Stay and All Will Find Out its True Purpose Soon Enough!
The Main Focus of ObamaCare Actually is the Expendable Population, the Non-producers, which Those People, Cover Such Categories as,
Seniors Seventy and Over, Despite Their having Invested Through State and Federal Taxes Their Entire Lives, Makes No Difference!
Those in Comparison Who have Lived Off the Gov’t Generation
After Generation Makes No Difference, as Long as They are Healthy and Physically Fit, have No Worries!
There are the Physically and Mentally Challenged
that Costs Insurances a Lot of Money Yearly Despite
Whether or Not They are Insured, as the Gov’t is
working on being the Only Insurance Provider!
Next are the Self-induced Drug Addicts and Alcoholics, those with Terminal Diseases and Let’s Not Forget the Incorrigible
Nonconformist and the Incarcerated!
The Eradication of All These People Through the Simple Process
of No Health Treatment will Eventually Lead to their Demise!
There is Those Who Can Receive “Death Counseling” f
or the Individual to Determine on Their Own Whether
or Not They Choose to Prolong Their Inevitable Deaths
Through Non-medical Treatment as Afore Mentioned!

With Knowledge of How Mankind has Treated People of
lessor Station in life, Those People Get Trampled
on for Simply being poor or next to poor!
Now, What Makes People So Gullible as to Believe Smooth
Talking Gov’t Folk Who Promises the Little People the World
and all They Receive is a World of Disappointment and Hurt!

Far too Many Parents have Voluntarily Allowed Their Selves to Regress in Their Parenting Skills and Instincts as the Gov’t
has made it Possible to Where People Can Drop Off Their Young
to be Cared for by the State and Gov’t, Like a Cat or a Dog!
Children have Become a Burden to Young Selfish Parents
Who have No Business Bringing a Life into This World
Just to ignore and Mistreat it!
These Spoiled Rotten Brats Do Not Want to Abandon
Their Youthful Lifestyle, to Share with a Child They
Procured Out of Selfish Wanton, Not Thinking of the
Consequences it Could bring!
The State/Gov’t Doesn’t Mind Taking Care of These
Discarded Children as it Can Raise the Youth to be
Whatever the State Wants Them to be,
which We Know Today, it’s being Programmed into a
Mindless Socialist Who Doesn’t Give the Gov’t Any Trouble!

For All the Devastation Obama and Company has Placed Upon This Nation,

There are People Who Could Care less as if to Say
the Country Can Go Straight to Hell !
Due to the Inhuman Treatment Some of Their Ancestors
Endured and for the Fact of Being Used as Slaves!
They Do Not Take into Consideration What Will Happen to
Their Own Present Day Life in the Process of
Backing People Whose Only Ambition is to Bring Down
the Most Powerful Nation in the World,
Just So They Can Say They Did it!
Others Only Want to be Provided for as They are too Damned
lazy to Work and Fend for Their Selves, and
So They Could Care Less What Would Happen to the nation!
All the Intentional Destruction of Our Economy and the
Movement Towards Socialism by Process of Dissolving Our
US Constitution and its Republic One Piece at a Time
by His Corrupt Defiance of the US Constitution, His
Contempt for the Oath of Office He Took, Which
Violating that Alone, Can have Him Charged with
Treason and be Imprisoned!
There is Nothing More the Loyal Citizens of the
US Constitutional Republic Wants, Than to See all the
Conspirators Tried for Treason and Tyranny!!!


Contributed by: Dan Sorkin

Merely having an open mind is nothing;
the object of opening the mind, as of opening the mouth,
is to shut it again on something solid…
G.K. Chesterton



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